Visiting South America can immerse one in many cultures while traveling.The Cultural field trip never ends here in South America. The first thing noted about living here is the language spoken is Castilian Spanish. Spanish has many dialects as well as in the United States with English. In Colombia, the people speak differently than in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Spain, or Mexico. All of these countries have dialects by region as well as by country.

Culture in a trip to the field - Columbia

This makes culturally specific language differences that can only be learned by being a part of the culture for a time.

Some words have distinct double meanings here that they do not have in other regions such as the word for bored meaning also irritated or angry. In other regions, the people use the other words for this concept, but here this is universally known to mean the three concepts in one word.

Language and culture

The language is full of cultural significance though there are many more things to this world than the language alone. The people here are full of passion for life which they show energetically in dance. The mix of Spanish, African, & indigenous people’s gave them a rich fiery blood which makes them passionate in most things such as dancing in traditional African dances, as well as Spanish and the Indigenous, also have dances which the people are embracing together.

These events all tend to happen through the schools or on festival days throughout the year. There is no center of culture here to go visit to see examples of this culture which makes taking photos or video of these events difficult.


One of the biggest cultural pastimes here is soccer which people miss work to watch on television while having a beer with friends.

Though the society is poor they always seem to have money sufficient for this pastime. When Colombia wins everyone here takes to the streets in cars, motorcycles, or on foot cheering for the Colombian team. This is a rather interesting site to see hundreds of people on the main drag honking their horns and yelling and screaming all in yellow and green t-shirts representing Colombian colors.

Experiencing culture

The cultures here have much to offer to enrich the experiences of any who come to visit. The strife these nations have faced in history has only made them a stronger and more enriched people culturally. In photos, you can see some of the passion for beauty these people have as well.