When a Grade 8 student brought home his crystal Meth Assignment, his mother almost had a heart attack. The 13-year-old is a student at the Erin Mills Middle School in Mississauga Ontario Canada and was given the drug laced assignment as part of a drama project. For some yet undiscovered reason, the drama teacher thought it was just the drama project to get students motivated to produce and deliver and award winning performance. Instead it brought shock and amazement to the mother of the student who is still asking the question, why?

Instructions to make crystal meth

Delight Greenidge, the mother of the student, was shocked to read the detailed instructions for making and injecting crystal meth included in the assignment. In addition to a long list of ingredients, there were also detailed instructions on making the crystal meth and injecting it that included using alcohol wipes to finding the vein.

What was this middle school teacher thinking? According to the boy's mother, the crystal meth sketch was suggested by the teacher after an earlier project did not materialize and she was even more concerned that the teacher had coached the students on the emotions they should display when doing the skit. Students were reportedly told to act scared when making the drug and act happy when injecting it.

Drama teacher suspended

The drama teacher was suspended with pay for giving the students a Crystal Meth assignment until an investigation is completed but there is little information from school management regarding the ultimate fate of the school teacher. While the school board conceded that the assignment was inappropriate, the board has declined to provide any details of its communications with the teacher citing personnel issues.

Breaking Bad was a popular TV drama starring Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who began making and selling crystal meth after being diagnosed with lung cancer. While the show made for good TV the boy's mother was not impressed with her son recreating the role of a meth maker. She claimed to be in a state of shock and fear that this incident could undo all the good things she taught her son.