Schools and the Education system have never been such high profile news. With pressure from the Government greater than it ever has been before, local authorities are struggling to maintain teachers for substantial periods within the industry. Budget cuts are not helping those teachers remaining within the profession, as fewer numbers create additional workloads with staff wellbeing already at breaking point.

Is there a solution to the current education crisis?

One national organisation are making it their mission to support schools across United Kingdom.

Evolve: A Social Impact Company have been deploying Health Mentors in the education system throughout the decade to not only support the physical and emotional health and Wellbeing of children but also teachers.

The proclaimed role models are enrolled on a Level 4 training course in conjunction with Newman University in Birmingham and supported by high quality continuous professional development. Their versatility allows Headteachers to develop the Health Mentor timetable around the School Development Plan. Whilst their main outcomes centre around the children, many schools are finding that the sheer passion, energy and enthusiasm adopted by Health Mentors also rub off on the school teaching staff.

Wellbeing events could provide the boost school staff are desperately crying out for

Evolve have identified the need to support wellbeing in education on a regular basis. After successful events in Nottingham, Birmingham and Cardiff, the social enterprise is now gearing up for a week of workshops in the West Midlands and Yorkshire from Monday 6th March.

Working alongside industry leaders Independent Thinking Ltd and Thrive, the evenings will consist of talks from inspirational figures to support wellbeing in education.

Evolve Chairman Graham Morgan explained “Evolve is committing resources to promote the health and wellbeing of both teachers and their pupils to tackle the rise in mental health concerns.

Our free workshops for teachers and other professionals will show you how we are having a positive impact in schools. This is a unique opportunity to hear and learn from our speakers, who are inspirational industry leaders.”

With research implying that the wellbeing of staff and pupils has a strong correlation with performance, could this be the beginning of the end to low morale in schools? More details on the events can be found at