Particle6 was founded in 2015 by physicist Eline Van der Velden, her aim was to connect diverse audiences with leading educational content that captures the imagination and the company has grown rapidly in the past five years. The team at Particle6 combine their backgrounds in science, comedy and drama with cutting-edge technology and find innovative ways to tell stories.

Eline Van Der Velden grew up in Curacao, the Dutch Antilles and is an award-winning actor, writer, director and entrepreneur. She studied Physics at Imperial College London where she researched Nuclear Fusion and graduated with a Masters.

Eline has written, directed and produced shows for BBC iPlayer, Endemol, MakersChannel, BBC Three and BBC Teach, and won Best Online Comedy twice at the Lovie Awards.

Eline is a rare sort, the sort who can fluently meld intellectualism with artistry to create something spectacular. This is evident in her award-winning work across her respective fields, within all of which she is a respected pioneer.

Working with BBC Teach is something Particle6 are very proud of this year

WWII has not been a compulsory topic on the national curriculum since August in 2014, despite this, many schools continue to teach the topic as part of the history curriculum. It has always been a very popular, and usually well-taught, topic in primary schools and many schools have decided to carry on teaching it.

Particle6 Productions, were chosen for the project after a rigorous selection process. To create this extremely valuable educational content, Particle6 worked closely with the Imperial War Museum’s ‘We Were There’ campaign for schools – which offers school-aged children the unique experience to meet veterans and eyewitnesses to conflict.

The production team also worked with experts at the Imperial War Museum and made use of the IWM’s archive of World War Two [VIDEO] film material and filmed first-hand content at IWM sites including IWM London, IWM North, HMS Belfast and IWM Duxford, as well as interviewing veterans and eyewitnesses. Exploring their stories and creating a legacy proved an extraordinary experience for the film crew.

Speaking about the making of the films Eline said: “It was a unique opportunity to work with eyewitnesses and hear their experience of the war from an age similar to the children this is aimed at. We learn about the foods they got excited about and the homes they were forced into with the evacuation.”

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