Bartholomeo Joly de Lotbiniere, 21, a former “University Challenge” contestant, has been accused by a fellow student at York University of raping her and telling her to “pretend this never happened.” The rape happened in July 2014 and a jury is hearing the girl’s story as her attacker has finally gone on trial for his Crime.

The girl told the jury at York Crown Court via a video interview that she and the accused had been drinking on the night of, as part of a larger group. When she got back to her flat, she says that Joly de Lotbiniere attempted to kiss her and told her that they “should have sex.”

Victim tells the story to shocked jury

She said that he did not take this “We should have sex” request seriously and went to the toilet.

When she came out, he followed her into her room and forced himself on her. He began kissing her before removing her top and bra, then picked her up and placed her down on the bed. She told the police officer conducting the interview that she attempted to push Joly de Lotbiniere off her as he got on top of her and held her down as he raped her.

The prosecutor, Gerald Hendron, described to the jury what happened after the rape. Apparently, Joly de Lotbiniere told his victim to “pretend this never happened” and to “tell no one about this.” Hendron went on to say that two days following the attack, the victim sent her attacker a text message telling him she “wasn’t overly comfortable with what happened” on the night of the incident.

Surprisingly, Joly de Lotbiniere replied, “Neither am I,” calling his behaviour “a disgrace” and saying he “did a very stupid thing,” and told her he was “very sorry” for raping her. He asked the girl for forgiveness and promised her he would stop behaving “like a bloody 14-year-old” (a 14-year-old rapist?) and “start acting my age.”

Joly de Lotbiniere is pleading innocent

Joly de Lotbiniere told the jury that his apologies for his disgraceful behaviour were a result of his inability to perform sexually, and not at all because he raped her.

Yeah, right. Judge Paul Batty, who is presiding over the case, has told the jury that this case regards an issue of consent above all, and that they should base their verdict on that issue.

Joly de Lotbiniere denies his charges of rape and assault by penetration and is pleading innocent. Last year, his team made it to the semi-finals of “University Challenge,” which is no excuse.