We have the ability to travel constantly to another country, to interact with people with whom otherwise we could not communicate, to really understand another culture and to immerse ourselves in it. We live in an increasingly globalized world and when we are aware of the positive side of knowing a new Language, we realize the doors of a different culture are open and it can teach us a different way of viewing the world.

Good things are slow in coming and Learning a language is not an exception. To the despair of students and the joy of teachers, there are no shortcuts or miracle pills that give us the ability to speak a new language in three days.

Although there are a lot of courses that promise wonders, learning a language needs time and discipline.

Good advice from language teachers to their students will always be that what is experienced in class is not enough. In order to be in actual contact with the foreign language, it is crucial to read books, newspapers, listen to the radio and watch television in the foreign language. Students should also try to be in contact with natives, but never stop practicing. Maybe at school, a language comes across incompletely and difficult because there is no colloquialism there. But it is not that complex if we are surrounded by the correct strategies and tools. The secret lies in being aware of the Benefits and focus on them.

The ability to think in another language helps to make more reasonable decisions

Knowing a foreign language has been shown to have many social, psychological and lifestyle advantages. For example, when a person thinks in a second language they have more possibilities to make better decisions during a problematic situation. This is due to the fact that people, by nature, are reluctant to lose.

At the moment of the decision making process, people tend to focus on the issue and minimize it. A study made by researchers of the University of Chicago found out that when people think in the second language they are likely to get more distance from the problem. This allows them to make more conscious and less emotionally-dependent decisions.

Moreover, a study published in Annals of Neurology shows how healthy the brain becomes when we know another language. The study shows that cognitive improvements are not only present in those who acquired a second language from their childhood but also in those who learned it later in life.

Being bilingual opens doors to the world of work and makes it easier for us to travel

In addition to recognizing the importance of learning a new language, it allows us to see the benefits in our professional and personal life. It can create job opportunities and help us navigate the world. Speaking another language is highly valued and sought after in the processes of selecting new workers.

Knowing or working with more than one language also allows us to establish relationships between them and their cultures.

Over time, different groups of humans have found themselves speaking different languages. Then, in order to communicate with other groups for trade or travel, it has been necessary for the members of a family or band to speak other tongues.

Today, knowing a different language is the key to living a wonderful experience in another country, whether for study or work. Living with people from another culture different from ours makes us have a greater respect for them. At the same time, our mind is opened and enriched by new experiences, which actively contributs to our personal development.