There are times when our teenagers do not pay any attention to regular study programs. They want to do something exciting in life, and as a parent it is your duty to help them choose the right field. Below we have given the roundup of most famous colleges and universities for outdoor enthusiasts. These institutes are perfect for students who want to combine their studies with recreational activities, outdoor sports, and adventure.

Bay State College

This College is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the most affordable institutes of the era.

Bay State is one of the excellent opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. During your stay here, you would have access to every resource of Boston that could help to further your Education. This college has welcomed applications from both local and international students. Usually, it supports small class size so that the tutors can pay individual attention. The facilities at Bay State College are unbeatable, and are according to the international standards. The estimated tuition fee is $19,748. Apply for an institutional grant if you are a bright student.

Granite State College

No college in New Hampshire provides as many facilities to its students as Granite State College. It is present in a peaceful colony and is surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains.

As a student, you would enjoy the best-ever curriculum. At the same time, the facilities like mountain climbing, kayaking, and cycling are just a few kilometers away. In case you are fed up of studying for hours, take some time and enjoy these fun-filled activities. The tuition fee is around $7,065.

University of Southern Maine

Portland is one of the most beautiful and highly exotic tourist destinations. Studying at the University of Southern Maine can make you feel super-excited. The reason is that here you enjoy the company of highly skilled professors and brilliant students. At the same time, it is a good place for anyone who loves water sports such as sea kayaking.

Moreover, this university’s surrounding area is calm and peaceful. During your time here, you would be proud of your decision. The institute provides students with financial support. You can consider to majoring in ecology, environmental studies, exercise sciences, and hospitality. The well-suited tuition fee ($8,920) is what mostly students with financial problems cannot ignore.

Salem State University

Thisuniversity is situated in Massachusetts. It is just a few minutes drive away from the urban center of Boston. Being close to the Atlantic Ocean, this place is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. You can opt for a career in cartography, geography, information technology, fire sciences, sport and movement sciences, and other related fields once the education is finished.

For international students, Salem State University has hostel facility too. It often arranges competitions to boost the mental and physical capabilities of students. The tuition fee is something around $8,300.