"Sister Wives" fans often select Meri Brown as their favorite of the four sister wives. Actually, many of them admire her positive approach to life off-camera. In fact, the weepy Meri we see so often on Kody Brown's show hardly ever features on her social media. Mind you, last season, we saw Meri getting tougher and taking a stand for her Lizzie's Heritage Inn purchase. A few days ago, she took to her Instagram to share a photo for National Dog's Day. Fans took the opportunity to swamp her with loving messages as she keeps it real and remains true to herself.

Meri Brown of 'Sister Wives' loves dogs

Fans of the show know that Meri Brown simply loves dogs. Recently, after the fires that threatened Flagstaff, we saw her posting up how she got to babysit Mariah's dog for a bit. TV Shows Ace reported at the time, "During the week, we saw Meri out and about with Mosby running through the fields and forest and generally having a blast." That was a happy time for her, as she had to let Mosby go out of her life when Mariah went to Chicago. Mosby actually belongs to Mariah.

Remember last season of "Sister Wives?" We all saw how Meri didn't want to let the little doggie down on the floor. Some fans wonder why she doesn't get a new dog as she loves them so much.

But, really, Meri Brown travels a lot these days. If she's not away with her LuLaroe clothing line, she's down at Lizzie's Heritage Inn. So, a doggie could make travel a bit restrictive for her. As Meri says, she living her best life. But that doesn't mean she can't celebrate dogs on National Dog's Day.

National Dog's Day post by Meri of 'Sister Wives'

Four days ago, Meeri took to her Instagram and shared a photo of the dogs, Mosby and Koda. She captioned it with, "Lucky to be dog grandma to these two cute boys!! Sure do miss having them around all the time!" As usual, she shared her favorite hashtags, "#LivingMyWhy and #BecauseICan." Fans love those hashtags as the "Sister Wives" star clearly lives her the life the way she does because she can.

Fans reacted to the post, with some of them suggesting that she really needs a permanent dog in her life. Well, in a way she does have access to at least one or two dogs in Flagstaff. Janelle Brown took a rescue pup home for her and Kody's son Gabe, not long ago. She hoped a pup for her boy would bring a smile to his face. That's because he was so saddened that they left Las Vegas. Obviously, as Meri says she loves all her sister wives, she gets to spend time with Gabe's new pup from time to time.

Fans send so many messages of love to their favorite 'Sister Wives' star

On her post, so many fans responded with loving messages. They love Meri and they tend to feel sad for her when she's a bit down.

It's apparent that she really misses those doggies. Here's what some of them said to her:

  • @sandrakamo: "You have always been my favourite! Nothing false about Meri. I've always thought I'd meet you one day, who knows. Im visiting my mum in Arizona next year. Sending kind thoughts from New Zealand"
  • @jacindahouston5": "Hi meri...just wanted to say u and aspyn are my favs....u seem to both have the confidence to love urselves....as u know we need [to admire] woman like this.....because the young girls today are following celebs who do so much plastic surgery...its a future problem...id love for u and aspyn to hook up and start something to support natural god given beauty and celebrate how wonderfully beautiful we all are...it will b a genuine problem ten yrs from now."
  • @cara.1002: "Hello from Germany! I love your TV-Show. Meri, you are the best. ❤️❤️❤️ Sorry, my english ist not so good. I hope, everything [is] right."

As you can see, so many "Sister Wives" fans have very nice things to say to Meri.

What do you think about the outpouring of love for Meri Bown on her National Dog's Day post? Do you love that she keeps things real and remains true to herself?

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