"RHOC" brings a new member of the cast, Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Fans already warmed to her as she's quite different from most people on the Bravo show. Fans quickly found out that Braunwyn and her husband Sean have seven children. So, when she shared about the little kid's first day at school, Sean wore a huge smile. Obviously, the family love their kids a lot but getting a bit of 'we-time's' also important for any married couple.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke shares a school milestone for the 'RHOC' family

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star quickly garnered lots of fans and follows who love that she chose to be a mom ahead of a professional career.

"Tvovermind.com" reminded those not familiar with her that she hired two nannies who help her take care of her seven children. The nannies are coming in handy now that she has secured a role in a reality show." Of course, she's wealthy enough to afford some help with the kids. However, she remains very involved with all of them.

Sending the little kids to school might mean that they won't need to use their "love shack" so much these days. With Sean a successful president of ChannelStars, based in Newport Beach in California, they can also afford that little shack, which isnt very little after all. However, that's part of qualifying for the "RHOC" show. The lifestyle of the rich appears on our screens and we remain riveted by it all.

It also allows fans a chance to interact on social media, and they did that recently. It came when Braunwyn Windham-Burke shared the school milestone on her Instagram.

First day at school photo's really fun, shows the kids and the parents laughing and smiling

Taking to her Instagram, Braunwyn shared her photo showing the three little kids.

She captioned it with, "Happy? First day of school ....can you tell whose excited and whose not?" Then she put a laughing emoji and captioned with some funny hashtags. These included, "#reallife #firstdayofschool #woohoo#gotmyhouseback and #byefelicia." Of course, fans picked up on the fact that Sean of all the RHOC family seemed to have the biggest smile of all.

"RHOC" fans commented on the picture. Here's what some of them said to Braunwyn:

  • @corrnfieldprincess: "Seriously love the REALNESS you bring to the OC. I’ve been a shameless fan for years, and you’re the first one I can actually relate to that shows motherhood in its entirety!!! Love it!! Also, you’re gorgeous."
  • @mixingwithmani: "Dad looks thrilled. Like “take them. Here." (Braunwyn agreed, saying, "totally!")
  • @abravoconvo: "this is amazing & why we need you on OC!"
  • @lyndikennedy: "Haha love this!!! Hope they have the best day!"
  • @jennarcis: "Too funny! I love how real@this photo is."
  • @hollythomas_: "Love this! You’re the best addition to RHOC yet!!"

Fans of 'RHOC' enjoy how Braunwyn brings a breath of fresh air to the show

As you can see from those comments above, fans of the show love her for letting them inside her married life as a mom.

Just because she doesn't need a job doesn't mean she can't earn her own way. Now, she's a member of "RHOC," plus she's a very active blogger. And already, she brings some parenting skills and jolly good fun to what can sometimes be a rather catty sort of show.

Did you love the first day at school photo by Braunwyn Windham-Burke? Who did you think looked the happiest about it, Sean or the kids?

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