‘Three Little Hearts’ tells the story of two groups of alien children who arrive in modern-day London; one group is white, the other multi-ethnic. The film explores their interactions with humans, and how the second group of aliens experience discrimination.


The extended TV series sees the alien children experience even more of what humans are capable of, with spectacularly imaginative twists and turns. Sci-fi and drama fans of all ages will be gripped by this thought-provoking series, which looks at our world with pure, childlike observations.

We cannot reveal too much about the new TV series [VIDEO] yet as it is still in pre-production, but it certainly explores racism in society from a new perspective.

About Nina Kojima

British-Slovenian Film director, writer and producer Nina Kojima is on a mission to help audiences look at modern problems in new ways. Her films have won numerous awards at international film festivals and critics have likened her to a ‘new-age Charles Dickens’, because of her fresh take on social satire. For Nina, what strongly underpins ‘Three Little Hearts’ is her belief that, in today’s increasingly divisive world, in order for humanity to survive we must unite under a common spirit, no matter what race, religion or gender we are.

Time of reflection

Of course, 2020 has been particularly challenging, and now that Christmas is in our sights it is a time of reflection. Many of us spend this festive season with our family and friends, but this year we might not be able to experience its magic. For some, it will be a time of sorrowful remembrance of all who are gone and who will be dearly missed at the family table.

But it will also be the time when we learn the best and the worst of humanity. The brutal killing of George Floyd in America rang warnings to communities around the world and forced us to recognise the racism, social injustice, inequality and deep-seated hate that is still present in our society today. It took us centuries for our society to advance thus far, but it does not require another century to achieve fundamental changes.

Nina believes we can make it now and that this should be our mission.

Why do we need aliens to teach us about ourselves? Nina says: “Very soon humanity will start colonising other planets, moons and asteroids, and this is not the matter of if, but when. But before we do so, we must clean up our mess here on Earth, because space is a lethal environment and we can only survive there if we have learned to live with each other on Earth.”

Being a film director and journalist

It is easy to be convinced by Nina that she means every word – as well as being a film director and journalist, she also carries out academic research into the ethics and constitutional framework of extraterrestrial human colonies.

Nina continues: “Another important truth is that films can be the most powerful voice to pursue justice and peace. We can educate people with the right stories, which are found in good films. This is why I have a burning passion to tell my stories, like Charles Dickens did more than a century ago, during this festive season.”

Nina is a member of the NUJ (National Union of Journalists), 10 Downing Street Press Lobby, WFTV (Woman in Film and Television), Pact (Independent Producers) and Cinando. Nina’s award-winning short film ‘Three Little Hearts’ is available on Amazon Prime in the UK and US, and the TV series of the same name is expected to be released in 2021.