Actor Tyler Gallant appeared in many films, playing diverse characters in a range of different genres, including detective movies, sci-fi, action and horror. After appearing in Juan Vazquez’s "The Squad: Rise of the Chicano Squad", Garo Setian’s "Space Hunters: The Battle for Deepstar", Marcel Walz’s "Pretty Boy", and as Apache in "Obscura" and Luke in "Blind," among many other projects, Gallant tells us more about his athlete background in professional ice hockey, his past, current and upcoming projects.

2021 film projects

Sabina Nasic: Tyler, tell us a bit about your Film projects in 2021.

Tyler Gallant: 2021 was such a busy year for me filming, it really was a blessing.

In the sci-fi action-thriller "Obscura", directed by Jerry G. Angelo, Joe Lujan and Grant Janes, I played a Native American outlaw biker named Apache. Then in Juan Vazquez’s "The Squad: Rise of the Chicano Squad", which is an 80s-era cop drama based on a true story, I played a morally-questionable Latin narcotics police detective. In Garo Setian’s "Space Hunters: The Battle for Deepstar", a sci-fi adventure, I play a tough bounty hunter anti-hero. Finally, in Marcel Walz’s "Pretty Boy", my lovable character Luke from "Blind" might make a cameo appearance. All of these characters were so vastly different, it was such a fun experience. Creatively, I’ve always liked to challenge myself – this was definitely a big period of growth for me as an artist.

What was your biggest achievement, do you think?

Playing the character of Apache in "Obscura" was a big achievement for me personally, because it was the first time I was able to play a Native American character, a tough action role and do my own stunts. Playing a Native American character meant a lot to me because I am proud of my heritage and I’m getting to play a role that I would have liked watching as a kid.

Apache is a very strong and honorable character and cares about his brotherhood – he’s a character that I really enjoyed portraying.

Background in professional ice hockey

Did your professional athlete background help?

Yes, my background in professional ice hockey definitely helped with these roles, as I had to do my own stunts in each one of the films.

My years of training in boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, stage combat and stunt training helped a lot in my ability to do my own stunts. The discipline and athleticism that I gained from my years of hockey helped me prepare for these physical roles. It also helped having such wonderful actors surrounding me in the films, who were so professional and diligent in their technique and choreography. Also, a shout out to the wonderful stunt performer team from the Las Vegas Stunt Academy, who helped out on "Space Hunters."

Current projects

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m preparing for the Texas police drama "Joe Haladin: The Case of the Missing Sister", in which I’ll be playing former sheriff Joe Haladin.

This will be the third film in the award-winning Joe Haladin series. "My Stretch of Texas Ground" (2019) and "His Stretch of Texas Ground" (2021) are the two preceding films, which reached a lot of acclaim and are both streaming. Next I have Robert LaSardo’s "American Trash", a powerful social drama where I play a complex character trying to right his ways. This film centres on a lot of societal issues that we’re faced with in Los Angeles, such as crime and environmental awareness. After that, I have Jerry G. Angelo’s "Dead River", which is a classic Western – I’m so excited about it because I’ve loved Westerns since I was a kid and this will be my first time performing in this genre. In "Dead River", I’ll be playing villainous outlaw Wes "The Jackel" Hardin, based on historical outlaw John Wesley Hardin and others.

After that will be Juan Vazquez’s second season of award-winning "Trap Plane", which is an urban organised-crime show about the narcotics trade. I'm very excited to continue to expand into diverse genres and play different characters, as it’s been so fun and creatively fulfilling so far. A goal this year would be to work on one of Taylor Sheridan's epic Western shows, "Yellowstone" or "1883."