Already well-known for having talents across all the major theatrical and acting fields, Tara Bruno now takes her accomplishments to the next level with her first solo play. As well as starring in the performance, Tara has also written and produced "God Sized Hole", which previews at London’s Etcetera Theatre from 2 pm on October 26th.

Whilst keeping the plot a little covert and mysterious, Tara briefly described what audiences can expect from this fascinating debut.

"I don’t want to say a whole lot about the show, because it takes a lot of twists and turns.

It's a mystery that unfolds and reveals itself in the end but it's an important story to tell and the characters are people who are often stigmatised in today’s society. Overall the concept is one of exploring how ordinary people can find grace and hope, whilst living alone and often feeling isolated.

"The main character, June, had big dreams, and she was on the way to making them happen when she got into a relationship that would change her life forever. Clearly with the clue being in the title …God Sized Hole… the story then follows the rise and fall of June’s most profound relationship to date."

Having studied and worked on "both sides of the pond", Tara's fearless attitude in bringing her first solo play to London is something which she described as 'completely thrilling'.

Not only does she have to conquer the complex challenges of wearing many hats, as an actress, writer and producer, but equally she has to develop the show using her own sense of improvisation and judgement.

After the London performance, Tara is heading back to NYC, but hopes to come back to the UK and produce more similar work very soon.

"The UK has been so welcoming in terms of inviting new writers and artists to bring their stories to the stage. I can’t wait to come back!"

Most recently, Tara was a major part of the writing, acting and development team for "Cycle-Logical", which featured in the prestigious "Outside Eyes" event at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow, directed and conceived by Rebecca Haley Clark. In the US, Tara will be seen in "Trap Door" at the NYC International Film Festival at the end of this month.