"Seeking Sister Wife" season 2 ended with Vanessa Cobbs breaking off her marriage with the Snowdens. She then went to Australia. However, she returned to the USA this week and currently visits Minnesota. On an Instagram post, before she left Australia, she revealed that she won't be on any future "Seeking Sister Wives" seasons.

Vanessa Cobbs was a 'Seeking Sister Wife' fan-favorite

In season 2 of "Seeking Sister Wife," fans saw a nice young woman and took to her. Despite leaks that she had an acting career, she became a fan-favorite. Her relationship with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden brought much hilarity to savage groups of Facebook.

Mostly, the hate never got directed at Vanessa, but at Ashley who was rigid on eating habits and the care of intimate bit 'n pieces. Nevertheless, they married and fans thought they would live happily ever after. However, in the Tell-All, it came out that Vanessa left the couple.

After that, Vanessa popped up in Australia and she's been there ever since. While in the country, she stayed with her twin sister and looks marvelous. She shared photos of a trip to Bali, and many other outdoor scenes. Australia seems to agree with the "Seeking Sister Wife" alum very much. In fact, Vanessa's giving some thought to making her home in the country in the long term.

Vanessa says no to 'Seeking Sister Wife' again

Before she left Australia to return to the USA, Vanessa shared a photo of her on the beachfront. In that post, fans asked her what she's doing in Australia, and if she plans to stay there. Well, in reply, Vanessa talked about possibly applying to become "a student" there so she can stay longer.

That's because she's not a resident in the country. However, she does think that Australia might see her stay there longterm.

Nobody knows if there will be a third season of "Seeking Sister Wife." Especially following the sudden and untimely death of Bernie McGee. Still, people hope for a new season and asked her about returning to another season of the show.

However, Vanessa's adamant that won't happen. In reply, she said, "I don’t know when it will be back on. I will not be on it." She also mentioned, "The show is all about families looking for a sister wife, so there is no reason for me to be on the show now. I hope the Snowdens continue their search and find the right woman for their family."

Visiting the USA, the Cobbs family get together

It looks like Vanessa might not stay in the USA very long. However, she went to Minessota and arrived there after 30 hours of travel time. Posting about that on her Instagram, she wrote, "The Cobbs Family. Getting all of us kids and our mama together in one place only happens about once a year—but I’ll take it!

Just missing Jen!. Adrienne’s lovely MIL made the 30+ hour trip from Australia with us!"

Of course, fans of "Seeking Sister Wife" who live in the states were thrilled to see them visit. But, it does not look like this will be a long-term stay for Vanessa, given what she said about Australia. Also, she mentioned that she and her sister in Australia are working together on some other kind of show. Talking about that, she wrote, "I’m mostly just focusing on relaxing and hanging with my sis. Adrienne and I are writing and co-directing some passion projects though, so maybe one day I’ll be brave and post a link on here to where people can watch them.

What do you think about Vanessa Cobbs confirming she won't be in another season of the TLC show? Are you happy to see her reunite with her family in the USA, even if it's just for a short time?

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