Two years ago, producer and writer Paul G. Andrews was shocked to see his son Lucas posting on Instagram that he had not been in touch with his friends as he was suffering from depression and severe anxiety, saying he wasn’t in control of it. At the time, Lucas, a budding rapper and songwriter, wrote a powerful song about his depression called "Hell on Earth." Now this track will feature in his father’s Film, which Paul describes as "a Romeo and Juliet-type tragedy set in a South London school."


"On Par" follows a young rapper who suffers from depression and gets caught between two warring gangs, all while discovering his love for an equally music-obsessed young girl.

The screenplay covers hard-hitting and topical issues such as invisible illnesses. Simply because external observers can’t see symptoms of these very real illnesses, they may be less empathetic and understanding of the people suffering from them. In addition to the various symptoms of a chronic and invisible illness, people suffering from these illnesses can also experience frustration, guilt, exhaustion and embarrassment.

For those diagnosed with an illness at a young age, the common stereotype that younger populations are supposed to be healthy makes it especially difficult. Sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse are also portrayed in a socially responsible way. Paul says: "The story highlights the mental health issues teenagers face, especially during the Covid lockdowns."


The riveting and moving story has been compared to "West Side Story," "8 Mile," and the recent South London gang film "Blue Story." "On Par" is still in pre-production, but the screenplay has already won 20 awards at international film festivals, some of which had up to 1,500 entrants, so it was up against stiff competition.

Some of its most prestigious wins have been: Platinum Award for Best Screenplay at the International Independent Film Awards; Best Screenplay Feature at London Independent Film Awards; Best Script at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood; Best Screenplay Award at New York International Film Awards; and Best Script Award at the Best Film Awards.

Creators behind the upcoming film

The screenplay was co-written by Paul G. Andrews and Beth Kates, and Paul is also a co-producer, along with Darrell Thompson. Director of the upcoming film, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist living in Los Angeles. Having worked closely with teenage gang culture and also being an Official Ambassador of Awareness Ties for Human Trafficking, she hopes to raise more awareness to the horrific nature of human trafficking and help put a stop to it.

Paul Andrews

Paul said: "I think the subject matter covered in the movie will really resonate with the audience, especially young adults who have suffered a great deal during the Covid lockdown with problems caused in schooling, exams, and not being able to socialise outside of their home, which is not always an easy place to be for an adolescent.

“Teenage love and relationships will also have taken their toll, and mental health issues have increased dramatically. Everyday teenage problems such as bullying at school, problems in the home, drugs and alcohol dependency, gender issues, gangs, and sexual assault are all covered in a socially responsible way.”

Paul adds that they are also working on creating a rap soundtrack to the film, which they hope will be a success in its own right.

The screenplay has had amazing early feedback. Among the comments were: “a powerful love tragedy highlighting the problems of teenagers in an urban and often violent environment”; “thought-provoking drama”; “engaging, deep and identifiable characters”; and “twists and turns like a roller coaster”.

GlobalWatch Films plans to use the film to support a number of mental-health charities involved in the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Heads Together campaign. Filming for "On Par" is planned to begin in April 2022 in London.