Bollywood glitters and attracts aspirants like bees to honey. Out of hundreds of girls and boys who try their luck for stardom, only one percent make it to some level. Hardly 0.2 percent make it to the top. Despite the odds being stacked against an aspirant, hundreds of girls and boys try their luck for a piece of the golden pie. NDTV has reported that one such aspirant, a 24-year-old girl, who was staying with her mother committed suicide by jumping off the building where she was staying. Just a few days back a 32-year-old TV star committed suicide in Bangalore along with her seven-year-old daughter.

Pearl Punjabi

The girl named Pearl Punjabi was trying her luck in the world of the Film but over the last few years had achieved nothing. This led to frequent fights with her mother. Her failure to break into films and bag a role severely affected her psyche and she was depressed.

The girl and her mother were staying in a posh housing colony in Oshiwara. A watchman reported that at about 12:30 PM he heard the sound of a "thud" and went to investigate. He found the girl lying prone on the concrete floor. She was rushed to hospital but was declared dead.

It is learned that the girl had attempted to commit suicide twice earlier but was saved.


The case of Pearl Punjabi's failure to make a break in Mumbai affected her badly.

Neighbors have confirmed that she had frequent fights with her mother and despite two attempts earlier she jumped from the floor of her flat. Newsbyte has reported that the girl was also unhappy with her personal life.