Since the acting training, Natalija has worked on a number of very successful projects. She is also a leading Instagram influencer and model, becoming a huge inspiration to many young women all over the world. With more than 378 thousand followers on Instagram, she showcases her favourite travel experiences and shares her views on the most beautiful places in the world to visit. One of Natalija’s many highlights came when she was asked to open LA fashion [VIDEO] week, something she very much enjoyed. With several exciting projects to work on, Natalija took some time out to talk to us about her story so far.

She also shared the key moments that contributed to, and shaped, her path to success.

Modeling and acting career

How did you connect your modeling and acting career?

I think all the entertainment business is very connected. I started modeling because it came naturally to me; it also helps that I am 6 ft tall. However, deep down, I actually always wanted to do acting. After many years in modeling, I felt like I needed more, so I signed up for The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles. It was the best decision of my life. I don't think I can imagine my life without acting. It always felt like my natural path, and is the only thing that makes me truly happy and fulfilled. At some point, I even want to abandon my modeling career for good.

The funny thing is, I always end up playing a role of "model" in my movies.

Favourite acting projects

Natalija, can you tell us about your favourite acting projects?

I think my favourite one is my most recent movie "College Ball", as I got to work with an amazing cast, including the brilliant Tom Sizemore, former professional football player, Shawne Merriman and Emmy Award-winning host, Ro Parrish.

I also loved working on this movie because it fights racism and wants to bring justice for college athletes.

What is your main occupation at the moment?

I am a Gemini, so I can never do just one thing. I work as a model, actress, influencer and I also produce my own travel series. I pretty much travel all year long, so it's very exciting.

Work and collaborations

As an Instagram influencer, can you explain to us about the type of work and collaborations you’re involved in?

Because of my background, I am mainly focused of fashion and travel, which are also my favourite topics. It's been an amazing ride since I started doing this, and I mainly did so because when I went to auditions, casting directors often asked me how many followers I had. Since then, social media became a huge part of my life, and if I really wanted, it could be a full-time job. It's so funny because I literally walk around the world and, instead of seeing beautiful sceneries, I’m always thinking, "This would be a perfect backdrop for my photo!" I really am so grateful for how many doors social media has opened for me; it's really insane!