After the success of last year's series, the hit social media gameshow is finally returning to our screens. However, there are a few changes to this year's show; 'The second series is getting a bit of an overhaul as Emma Willis steps in as host' writes DigitalSpy. The news was broken in a recent trailer for "The Circle" that saw Willis constantly changing her image as she announced the series return.

The show will also see a new batch of 'Players' enter the luxury apartments though we are unlikely to meet them until the show's premiere on Tuesday 24th September.

After a successful first series, it is easy to speculate whether this year's Players will stay true to themselves or decided to Catfish their fellow Players via the power of social media.

The Players live in one building though they're kept segregated from each other in their own individual apartments, only able to communicate through social media whether it be through group chats, private messages, or a series of games created by Channel 4.


Last year saw the double win of Online Comedian; Alex Hobern who was voted the show's winner by his fellow Players, and as Radio Times writes 'Alex was also ranked the viewer's champion.'

Alex, 26 at the time, decided not to play as himself but instead to play the game as a girl named 'Kate,' using images of his real-life girlfriend 'Millie' and a notebook full of tips on how to sound like a convincing girl.

One Player who fell for Kate's persona was Dan Mosuka, leading to one of the show's most iconic moments.

It is easy to predict that Series 2 may also play host to a 'Kate,' but will this year's Player be able to fool everyone or will suspicion and paranoia decide that no one can be trusted, making it all the more hard to become an 'Influencer.' Radio Times reminding us that 'As the show progresses, the players are asked to rank each other...the two highest-ranked players become 'Influencers' while the others face the risk of being 'Blocked.'

In an extra twist to the show, the 'Blocked' player is able to meet any other player of their choice before they leave, but will who they chose to visit be who they say they are?

Anyone can be anyone

In the latest trailer for 'The Circle,' Emma Willis states 'Anyone can be anyone,' not only is this the perfect tagline for the social media game show, but it also makes viewers sure that many of this year's Players' are putting on an act in the hope of winning the ever-coveted prize money.

Based on what we know so far the show is likely to live up to our expectations.

After "The Circle" successfully hit our screens last year, with social media hitting the headlines daily for both its positive and negative affect on the world "The Circle" is sure to break viewership records this month.