Nusrat Jahan is a Mulsim actress from West Bengal. The actress was recently selected by the Trinamool Congress Party leader Mamta Bannerji to contest from the Basirhat parliamentary seat. She was one of the 17 women candidates selected by the Bengal Chief Minister. Nusrat Jahan, who is a Muslim, won the Basirhat seat by a margin of over 3.5 lakh votes. The Bengali actress won despite a strong challenge from the BJP which won 18 out of the 42 seats from Bengal. Nusrat Jahan, however, to the surprise of Indian Muslims married a Jain businessman Nikhil Jain.

NDTV has reported that Nusrat who had a fairy tale wedding last month has now posted pictures of her honeymoon in the Maldives. In these photos, she is seen celebrating the Jain-Hindu festival of Sindhara Dooj.

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan had earlier attended the opening of the Indian parliament dressed up as a Hindu married woman. She wore the traditional Hindu attire with a bindi on her forehead and angered many orthodox Muslims. This angered Muslims and 25 Muslim clerics issued a joint fatwa against her. The actress, however, countered this criticism by tweeting that she considered all religions equal and respected Muslim and Hindu customs. She tweeted that faith is beyond attire. The actress posted pictures of her celebrating the festival of Sindhara Dooj.

Sindhara Dooj

Sindhara Dooj is a Hindu festival that is celebrated on the second day of the "Shukla Prakash" or bright fortnight of the moon during the month of "Shravan" as per the Hindu calendar which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar sometime in mid-July. Jahan was born in a Bengali Muslim family in Kolkata and was in a relationship with businessman Nikhil Jain since 2018.

She is 29 years old. She married the businessman in a gala wedding replete with Hindu-Jain vows in June 2019 in Turkey. Her wedding was more like a fairy tale and after the wedding in Turkey, there was a gala reception in Kalkutta. She is now on a honeymoon in the Maldives with her husband.

Hindu bride

Nusrat Jahan is a bachelor in commerce and has done pretty well in films.

She entered show business in 2010 and won the Fair One Miss Kolkutta title. She made her debut in films soon after. She is among the progressive women in India and despite the taboo on Muslim girls marrying Hindus, Jahan has not bowed to sectarian and religious dogma. She has released pictures of her with Nikhil Jain celebrating Sindhara Dooj. In the pictures, she is seen sporting vermillion and red bangles which are symbols of married life in Hindu traditions. She looks, a perfect Hindu bride. The Hindustan Times has reported that her pictures are all over social media and one can make out that she is extremely happy.

Nusrat Jahan is a trailblazer and an inspiration to women like Sadhvi Pragya who won from Bhopal, particularly Muslim women who are dogged by obscurantism and male diktats.