The animated series "Spirit Rangers" is created, written and performed by an almost entirely Native/Indigenous team. Burgandi Trejo Phoenix, who has Indigenous (Yaqui) Mexican and Spanish roots, uses her voice in the industry to campaign for the accurate representation of Mexican-American women on and off-screen. She’s appeared in Snapchat’s "Relationship Goals," YouTube’s "Labeled" (Atlantic Records) and "Love in the time of Corona." An accomplished voice artist, Burgandi has brought numerous characters to life on Nickelodeon and Disney+. She’s the brand ambassador for Talentboom, founder of The Actor Toolkit on Clubhouse, and owner of the blog My Feisty Life.

Film industry

Kate: How did you start working in the film industry?

Burgandi Trejo Phoenix: I've always wanted to be an actor and a meaningful storyteller – I was five years old when the acting bug bit. So, years later, when the company I worked for in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, closed its doors, I decided to take a major risk. I sold almost everything I owned and drove to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. After years of training, working in student films, and auditioning in anything and everything I could, I booked my first supporting lead role in an independent Film and I’ve been fortunate to work in many areas of the industry ever since.

What’s your favourite type of role to play?

Fun, over-the-top comedic roles (I live to make people laugh), badass femme fatales and complex, flawed, characters where I get to play around with different accents and dialects.


Besides acting, what other skills have helped you in your acting career?

I’m a quick-witted, solutions-based thinker who can see the bigger picture, and I love to connect and collaborate with like-minded people.

Also, years of dance and singing training gave me the discipline I apply to all creative aspects of my career. I practice yoga, breath work and meditation, and I believe that having a healthy body, spirit, and mind is the key to an abundant life and career.

Tell us more about your entrepreneurial side?

From co-founding and creating the first-ever actor resource club on Clubhouse, to interviewing industry pros on the Casting Frontier show "The Curve," to organising breakthrough industry events, I pride myself on finding a creative, fun, authentic approach to whatever task I take on.

Those qualities attract incredible collaborators. Currently, I’m the brand ambassador for and throughout the years I’ve had the privilege of representing and working with brands such as ReFa USA, Versed, Michael Todd Beauty and many others. I look forward to announcing the creation of my own production company.

What are your favourite film and television genres?

I love comedy and dark comedy, psychological thrillers, drama, action and adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and rom-com. I’m grateful for my years of training in comedy improv and dance, as it’s helped me to sharpen and deepen my skills in physical comedy and movement – and it makes any role a lot more fun to play!

Upcoming projects

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I’m very proud of and excited about my work in the new Netflix show, "Spirit Rangers." It’s created by a talented Native Chumash woman, Karissa Valencia, with an all-Native writers' room and performed by an almost entirely Native/Indigenous cast. I’m also in "Limbo" on Disney+, and in a fun animated Nickelodeon show (the name can’t be disclosed yet) – and much more to come!