The Film, written and directed by South African actress Reine Swart, takes in murder, witch doctors, and curses… Alongside her acting career, Coco is also a writer, producer and singer. She grew up in Hitchin, England, and studied acting in London and New York before moving to Los Angeles, where she’s now based. Coco’s first TV appearance was in the British TV drama series ‘Footballers’ Wives’. Other acting credits include the films ‘Trypophobia’, ‘New You’ and ‘Saurian Shudder’, and the TV pilot ‘Berlin’. Here Coco speaks about overcoming rejection, loving her tattoos and missing English food.

Upcoming horror film 'Heks' and Coco's lead character

Sabina: Tell us about ‘Heks’.

Coco: ‘Heks’ is my first lead role in a feature film. It’s a horror film set in South Africa. My character Dilanne is a soft-spoken and serious artist, who witnesses her mother’s murder, and then much more… It was an incredible experience and also my first time in South Africa. Release date coming soon!

Acting beginnings and training in London and New York

Sabina: How did you start acting?

Coco: Acting and performing were always my passions. I went to stage school on weekends as a kid, and as soon as I left school I knew that was all I wanted to do, so I started auditioning. I had some tiny roles in a few shows in my teens and I remember being on set and falling in love with every aspect of the production as I watched it unfold.

Since then I’ve been hooked!

Her experience moving from the UK to Los Angeles

Sabina: How did you find the move from the UK to Los Angeles?

Coco: It was scary at first, but I just jumped in and saw it as an adventure. Of course I miss my friends and family back home (as well as English food!) but I’ve made great friends here and it’s starting to feel more like home.

How acting completely changed her life and mindset

Sabina: How did acting change your life?

Coco: Acting has forever changed my mindset. A lot of people told me that I should give up after a lot of rejection in my twenties, and that I was too old to make it now. But acting taught me that there are no limits. I had to get past that anxiety and negativity and realise that if you love what you do in your life there are no such things as success or failure.

There’s just living a happy, healthy life where you’re lucky to do what you love every day. Life is too short.

Coco's meaningful tattoos

Sabina: You have a lot of tattoos – have you found that tough in acting?

Coco: I love my tattoos and they are very meaningful to me, so I never saw them as something that held me back. Also, these days tattoos are so mainstream and make-up is so amazing that they can be covered up for a certain role if needed.