The wave of comments about Harry and Meghan's private jet trip seem to have had no effect on the couple, judging by their subsequent messages on Instagram.

Megan, overlooking the criticism of her and her husband, has resumed her daily charitable work with a visit to the Luminary Bakery in East London, where she chatted to the bakers who work there.

Among the supportive messages sent this Thursday to the couple by followers and people of goodwill was one with encouraging phrases alluding to the couple's moral strength such as "you are strong" and "we care about you," accompanied by a picture of delicious and tasty cookies or biscuits (as we call them here).

The cookies were decorated by Luminary Bakery.

Encouraging messages…and cookies, too

Subsequently, Meghan recorded her visit sharing socially with the bakers in the September issue of British Vogue, whose issue she was commissioned to edit. For the Duchess, this bakery constitutes "a substantial change in the lives of the vulnerable local women," providing them not only work but also trade, guidance and support” . Meghan also believes the place is an exceptional space to "work, recover from past vicissitudes and get back on your feet”. "The women," she said, "who have gone through difficult circumstances” can now find there "tranquillity and emotional balance" because of what they are doing.

Referencing the decoration process of the cookies by Luminary, Meghan thinks they symbolise all they have put into this change in their lives, "the actual icing on the cake".

These opinions were poured into the Duchess's second post on her account at Instagram @sussexroyal Instagram, focused on her social work and where she again excluded adverse comments from the press about her and her husband, Harry. As for Luminary's cookies, Meghan called them "absolutely delicious”.

In the same spirit, a story about how Meghan "took the bakers by surprise" appeared on Instagram on Wednesday, illustrated with a photo session about part of a collection of clothes made at the charity smartWorks of the Duchess in London.

In the image illustrating the story, Meghan appears talking with the photographers against the backdrop of Bills Withers' "Lovely Day" melody. The photo session was about a new line of clothes designed for women looking for work.

Celebrities supporting the royal couple

Some celebrities also sent messages of encouragement and solidarity to Meghan.

One of them was model Sabrina Dhohre, the new wife of actor Idris Elba.

Following press comments about the couple's vacation on a private jet with their young son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the model said the Duchess is "absolutely adorable". The press commentaries have centered on the gas consumption and subsequent pollution implied in the couple´s private jet trips. Sabrina said celebrities have "few and safe alternatives" on these trips and that, even on first-class flights, they always run the risk of being pushed or something similar by their fans or when subjected to the “bombardment by selfies at airports”.