Each episode of "The Chelsea Detective" sees Detective Inspector Max Arnold and Detective Constable Priya Shamsie investigate a range of crimes across the wealthy and elite London district, taking in everywhere from Brompton Cemetery to Chelsea football club. Cengiz plays the recurring role of Marac.

Cengiz joins high-profile actors

Dervis joins high-profile actors Adrian Scarborough ("Killing Eve", "Gavin & Stacey") and Sonita Henry ("Luther"), who star in the drama, an Acorn TV production in collaboration with ZDF and BBC Studios. Dervis said: “I really can’t give too much away, but my character is definitely a dangerous man with a dark past.” He added: “The entire cast and crew were an absolute joy to work with, and I shared some great scenes with cast members including Peter Bankole, Lucy Phelps, Nigel Lindsay and the show’s brilliant lead, Adrian.”

The project was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but filming finally started in April this year and the drama is due to air in 2022.

Cengiz said: “We had daily temperature checks on arrival on set, along with sometimes uncomfortable nasal Covid tests administered by trained experts wearing masks. It certainly made the days on set a little different, but I guess it’s necessary for now. But it’s been so lovely to be filming in London, especially in and around Chelsea. The residents I met were so nice and supportive of the project, and I think they're in for a real treat with this show.” The feature-length episodes are written by the writers of "Vera", "Prime Suspect", "Call The Midwife" and other major TV shows, and the showrunners hope it will run long beyond Season 1. Dervis said: “It was extremely exciting to join the cast of "The Chelsea Detective" and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with such an exceptional cast and crew.”

Award of Merit

Dervis also recently received a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Global Film Competition.

He was given the award for his ambitious debut feature film "When The Mist Clears", for which he was an actor, director, writer and producer. The unscripted production was filmed in Vicenza, Italy, during the pandemic and features an exceptional cast and stunning locations. On winning the award, Cengiz said: “What an unexpected honour.

I’d set out to make something we’d be proud of, and against the odds and so many challenges, I truly believe we achieved that. It’s always really lovely to be acknowledged for your work and contribution in the industry. I was thrilled to win an Accolade for my debut feature and to celebrate with everyone that came along for the ride and helped take it from page to screen… teamwork!”

Fascinating career

Dervis has had a fascinating career, starting off as a Hollywood fight coach and co-founder of Chelsea’s luxury KX Gym before turning to producing, writing and acting. Now, with "The Chelsea Detective", he is set to become a familiar face on our TV screens.