Greice is fluent in Spanish, she played the character whilst acting alongside one of the main characters from the show, "Rogelio de la Vega", played by the star of Mexican telenovelas, Jaime Camil.

An accomplished singer

As well as being a successful actress, Greice is also an accomplished singer. Her most famous hit to date is the Spanish ‘Você Você’ pop song that she collaborated on with seventeen-time Grammy award-winning producer, Humberto Gatica. Amongst others, Gatica has worked with artists such as Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Madonna, Michael Buble, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson.

Greice couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, explaining that, “As a new recording artist, "Você Você" was such a great message for me to deliver to women around the world. To empower and give hope to women is what I love to do. If you dream it, it could happen. If you believe it, it will happen! To release a song that sixteen-time Grammy producer David Foster gave the thumbs up to was a dream I could never have dreamed. My producer, Humberto Gatica, took his time with me and made me step up my game. That song went on to be number one in five different countries: Uruguay, Panama. Chile, Nicaragua and Guatemala.” She then added, “I look forward to more great music and more movie roles in my immediate future!”

Acting career

Reflecting on her acting career so far, Greice talked about appearing alongside Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham in the movie "Wild Card" (2015), revealing, "One of my favourite experiences was when I worked with Jason Statham on the "Wild Card" Movie.

It was my first big movie. I was hired to play the part of a prostitute, but I didn't want to have my first role to be a naked prostitute. I wanted my family to be proud of me, so I told the producers I didn't want to do that role. I thought that was over and done with, but the producers came back and wrote a new role in for me.

I would be playing Veronica. Her character was a cocktail waitress who had multiple scenes and dialogue with Jason Statham's character. The producers wrote new scenes in the movie just for me. Jason was so kind and wanted to expand my role as much as possible. Simon West, the director, was great as well. He agreed to the new scenes and I was in my first big movie.


Greice has been involved in a whole host of exciting new projects, including playing the part of Ana Maria in Netflix's "One day at a Time", and she will next be seen in "Space Jam 2" opposite Lebron James and Don Cheadle. She also appeared as a guest star (playing Maria) in the hugely popular TV series New Girl.

Empowering women

Santo is not only recognised for her roles in different Hollywood films and TV series, but also as an inspirational figure to help other women feel empowered. In 2016, her own charity, Glam with Greice, was launched, and she joined forces with world-renowned hairdressing brand Toni & Guy in Santa Monica, California. More than thirty women, who were victims of domestic violence, enjoyed the luxury of having their hair and make-up done by a selection of top stylists.

One of the women that Greice helped was a young waitress of Mexican ancestry named Sadie Eldridge. At the restaurant she worked at, customers sometimes declined to give her a tip after their meal, and one even left a derogatory note which suggested that they “only tip citizens”. The incident received a great deal of media attention from all over the world, and Greice decided to reach out to Sadie. As an advocate for women who are victims of bullying, abuse or discrimination, she met up with the waitress and treated her to a free makeover. Greice also took Sadie (along with her family) to an AC/DC concert, who were being fronted at the time by Axl Rose. After the show, Axl then invited Greice, Sadie and her family backstage to meet the band and have photos taken with them.