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What do proponents of Electoral Reform really want?

The need for Electoral Reform and the debate around electoral reform is real
An ancient Greek or Roman politician would feel right at home in modern-day Washington, DC. For thousands of years, politicians have come up with numerous "creative" ways to influence voters. Cash, of course, has always played a significant role, whether used to win an ancient election or in modern American politics. Is it time to change or remove the Electoral College? For years, various people and parties have campaigned for U.S. electoral reform in the form of a change or abolishment of the Electoral College. However, doing so will be extremely difficult, requiring two-thirds of votes in the House of Representatives and Senate and approval by 38 states. Most voters would probably say the presidential candidate with the most popular votes should win the election. Yet, five times in American history, it is the runner-up candidate that has become president. Thus, it is the Electoral College that has decided the winner, not the popular vote. The Founding Fathers created the Electoral...