Donald Trump bows out of Barbara Bush’s funeral to ‘avoid disruptions’
The US President will dodge the former First Lady’s funeral ‘out of respect’
Ben Sherlock
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Does Theresa May directly profit from the bloodshed of innocent people?

Something that has briefly been touched upon is that Theresa May directly profits from the wars in the Middle-East, but how?
THERESA MAY is corrupt, there is absolutely no getting around this because on countless occasions she has personally benefitted from the decisions she has made as PM and the government made when she was Home Secretary. Her husband Philip May is a Senior Executive of the Capital Group, an investment firm who are worth around £1.4 trillion. Former Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie once said during a Newsnight profile of the PM’s husband that “Philip is clearly acting as, informally, an advisor to Theresa. Probably much like Denis did to Margaret Thatcher.” Profit over people Since 2010, the government led by the Conservatives have pursued policies that have been detrimental to the general population but have increased the profit of the richest around the world and large beneficiaries of these policies have been government ministers themselves. Many people claim that Theresa May has been one of the most significant beneficiaries from those decisions taken. Her husband...