Mexican President cancels US visit after shouting match with Donald Trump
The US President refused to accept that Mexico won’t be paying for the border wall, so he’s fallen out with the Mexican leader
Ben Sherlock
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Prime Minister Theresa May manages to unite her party over Brexit

Senior Cabinet ministers reach a shaky peace over Brexit but is it enough to guarantee economic prosperity for the UK?
The warring and shaky Tories are uniting as they rally around to take back control of Britain's laws after Brexit, the Daily Mail UK reports. Sky News also mentioned that "Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond were both satisfied by the agreement on rules and standards, European courts and divergence." Theresa May and the eight-hour talks Theresa May met with the Brexit cabinet at Chequers where they talked for eight hours. It seems that finally, there was a mature gathering of minds over the end of the week's talks as Sky reported that nobody "walked out." There were no tantrums and protests as they put together a compromised deal tagged as "managed divergence." Prime Minister needs this unity - the first in a long while This was the first evidence of some kind of unity in a long while. Even Boris Johnson seemed less wind-whipped and fraught and Remainer Philip Hammond was relaxed. While all the details have not yet emerged, there will be more information forthcoming next week in Mrs....