British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the first world leader to announce he had tested positive for the coronavirus, continues to perform his duties by staying on top of issues. Meeting for now are carried out over video links while self-isolating in his Downing Street flat. PM Johnson stated he felt the public appeared to be obeying the rulings set up by the government to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and get the count down, adding that bus usage was down 75% and train usage was down 95%. The Prime Minister wants UK citizens to know that although it looks bad now it will get back to normal again if citizens follow the restrictions.

China's downplay of numbers

According to reports by the Business Insider, PM Johnson is very irritated on how China handled the News of the severity of the coronavirus. He accused them of sending out disinformation on the numbers of cases and the nature of the virus, The Mail on Sunday reports. Reports from scientists were that China was downplaying the numbers of confirmed cases by huge numbers. At one point China's government disclosed 3,304 deaths in Wuhan at the same time Radio Free Asia was reporting a estimated 42,000 corpses were disposed of by funeral homes in Wuhan. Other UK officials also expressed their anger over China's handling of the coronavirus issue, stating China should be punished for its outrageous conduct.

UK to look at diplomatic policies when it comes to China

UK officials are talking about rethinking diplomatic decisions on how to treat China. PM Johnson is so incensed that he's finally willing to rethink his hard stance on letting Chinese telecom Huawei develop UK's 5G wireless network, according to Business Insider. Other members of his Conservative Party agree, as they did when President Trump last month urged PM Johnson not to use Huawei or put much faith in China.

The Chinese government has a long record of not being a reliable partner when it comes to diplomacy or trade with United States or its allies. Due to their latest conduct on the coronavirus issue many countries will be weighting if they wish to continue doing business with them. Even though information is leaking out on real numbers from China; Chinese government are claiming 81,439 cases and 3,304 deaths.

PM Johnson writing letter to citizens of UK

According to the UK government, as of today another 180 people have lost their life, bringing the total to 1,408 dead due to coronavirus. PM Johnson has written a letter to households around the country urging national unity and encouraging citizens to follow the rules and stay home. The letter also thanks the hard working NHS workers and volunteers who are helping those vulnerable with daily tasks. Included in the letter will be a leaflet on the steps citizens are asked to take to avoid the spread of coronavirus.