President Donald Trump refused to sign a joint statement with America‘s allies, DW Made for Minds reported. Trump also called Canada‘s Prime Minister "very dishonest and weak," on Twitter. He appeared to snub the UK‘s prime minister, Theresa May as well, The Sun Reported. They wrote that he "refused to name the PM in his list of G7 pals."

Trump accused the rest of the world of "treating the US like a piggy bank," Talk Markets Tweeted. He also threatened to escalate his trade war on America‘s closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. The summit was dominated by disagreements, mostly over trades, The Guardian noted.

The summit was hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Quebec over the June 8 and 9 weekend. He said that the seven nations had reached an agreement on a range of economic and foreign policy goals. Mr. Trump, however, tweeted that Mr. Trudeau was simply putting out a false statement. In a Tweet Mr. Trump wrote on Air Force One on his way to Singapore to meet with North-Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, he called Mr. Trudeau "dishonest."

In a press conference held after the summit, Mr.

Trudeau said that Canadians were generally very polite an sensible, but would, however, not be pushed around like this. Up until Mr. Trump‘s Tweet, the two men had been somewhat able to talk on a polite note, but Trump‘s latest move effectively ended all that, according to the BBC.

Trump complained about EU treatment of the US

At the G-7, the leaders of the G-7 nations, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, the UK and the US agreed on a joint demand that Russia "cease with its destabilizing behavior" ObserverDB wrote. The G-7 countries want Russia to withdraw its "support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad," according to the BBC.

The leaders also discussed a pledge to permanently "ensure that Iran‘s nuclear programme" continued to remain peaceful, Alaraby wrote. This was despite the fact that Mr. Trump had withdrawn from that agreement. When it came to climate change, the result was to "agree to disagree," as Mr. Trump refused to sign a pledge to implement the Paris climate change.

Trump left early and would not sign the agreement. He did, however, have time for an unscheduled press conference hours before the summit was scheduled to end, where he complained about the way the EU was treating the US and called it "brutal." He then proceeded to say "The United States has been taken advantage of for decades and decades," reported the Daily Observer.

Trump changed his mind after the summit

Mr. Trump was not the only one unhappy with the result of the summit. The U.S National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tweeted out a photo of the president with his arms crossed whilst the other leaders stood in a circle around him, saying "Just another G-7 where other countries expect America will always be their bank.“

For many who had hoped that this G-7 summit would be a chance for the US to strengthen their relations with its key allies, it seemed to have done nothing more than to further inflame Mr. Trump‘s belief that America is being treated unfairly. European officials believed they had secured a somewhat limited breakthrough with an eight-page pledge, released on Saturday, but Mr. Trump seems to have changed his mind on that shortly after he left the summit.