As published in The Guardian, after a meeting with Theresa May, four ministers (the Secretary of Justice, Labor and Pensions, the Enterprise and the Scotsman) asked her to stop using the idea of a non-commercial Brexit, adding that at this crucial moment for the country, merchants and entrepreneurs need definitions.

This requirement is presented just shy of a couple of days for the visit of Theresa May to Brussels, a visit that is full of expectations for the results that can be obtained in terms of achieving or not an agreement on Brexit.

The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, and the Brexit secretary, held a meeting with the European Union's negotiator, Michel Barnier, which was about Theresa May's request to discuss the retirement agreement again, although this does not seem to likely to happen, since the legal representatives of the two parties hope to get to present the legal text on the subject, but there has been no talk of restarting the issue of withdrawal.

For the President of the European Commission, the outcome of the negotiations on Brexit, are in the "hands of God," adding that a precise date could not be given for how long the withdrawal could be postponed.

The use of the agreement as a measure to negotiate the Brexit

The ministers who made the request, do not believe that using the agreement to negotiate is indicated, but before the increase in the number of warnings made by employers and manufacturers, in recent days, has been a decisive factor for discarding this option.

The results of the meeting have not yet been released, and it is expected to be this Tuesday when they are presented at the weekly cabinet meeting. Those who oppose Brexit are expected to maintain their position not to accept an agreement.

The parliamentary defeat of Theresa May

In the parliamentary session held last week, Theresa May was strongly opposed to a possible agreement. It is expected that the meeting will hold an agreement with the President of the European Commission.

Deputy David Lidington has stated his position on the possibility of reaching an agreement, stating that if not, the damage that can be caused to the country economically can be incalculable.

It is expected that the speech that must be presented by the Attorney General should be the one that indicates the way for the necessary changes to be made, to avoid being trapped in inaction and paralysis and even worse consequences.