Theresa May is facing further complicated situations as Cabinet Ministers will decide if they will support the project of a softer Brexit allowing the UK to leave the European Union. The Secretary of Justice, David Gauke, said Sunday that Theresa May should accept some conditions as the support for a customs union.

However, members of the Cabinet and the Brexiters, have warned that they may waive if Theresa May agrees to a customs union, or even if she proposes a deadline beyond May 22. According to the BBC, a softer Brexit is "inevitable," said Julian Smith.

Theresa May with less support

Theresa May has fewer votes in her favour and even so wants to appear in another round. Some Ministers have requested a free vote on the customs union to Theresa May. If the situation becomes complicated and the Parliament endorses the customs union, it is possible that Theresa May takes a decision that will cause the resignation of some members of Cabinet.

David Gauke also stated it could not be ignored that if Parliament decides to leave the European Union without having reached an agreement, they could instead vote for a soft Brexit.

The fragility of the power of Theresa May becomes increasingly apparent, and she may have to deal with several rivals. In an extreme case, she is ready to go to a general election if Parliament does not reach an agreement.

Quick elections or a soft Brexit

The Vice-Chairman of the conservative party, James Cleverly, said to Sky News that Theresa May might be willing to take the party to a quick election. He also stated that although they are not prepared for this type of election, he acknowledged that this would be a sensible solution.

Some people say that the Prime Minister must act according to the warnings made in recent weeks.

If she leaves, I shouldn't be saying that indefinitely, said one cabinet minister told the Guardian. The best thing would be for her to make a decision.

Last week there was significant support for the softer Brexit. The former Chancellor, Ken Clarke, is in favour of a customs union with the European Union but as part of a package Brexit.

However, this option was not winning by just six votes.

For his part, the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that Britain is losing patience and told Italian State television (RAI), would like an agreement that was reached in the coming days and believes that a second referendum is a problem of the British people, and they have to figure it out.