During his state of union address, Donald Trump made the announcement of a second summit meeting with the Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in February this year. The announcement was expected but it surprised many that he made the announcement during an important address to Congress. The meeting with Kim will be held in Vietnam towards the end of this month. CNN earlier reported two Vietnamese cities -- Hanoi and Da Nang had emerged as top contenders for the summit's location with Hanoi now confirmed.


The choice of Vietnam is symbolic and shows that politics like a river is never still.

Vietnam was at one time a strong ally of China but in 1983 China and Vietnam fought a civil war after which Vietnam became the Free Republic of Vietnam. Now there is a lot of friction between the two countries, this mainly because of China's unilateral announcement of control over the entire South China Sea. Trump will be hoping that China-Vietnam relations may open the eyes of Kim who if adequately supported may well do a Vietnam on China.

Trump and Kim

Trump has strong words of praise for Kim. MSN has reported that Trump had announced during his address that he had a good relationship with Kim and he would meet him on 27 - 28 February in Vietnam. These words came after a UN report mentioned that Kim had not completely taken steps to denuclearise.

For decades the Korean leaders had been asking for a meeting with the US president but it was denied by all presidents. A meeting with the US President has been a top foreign policy goal of Pyongyang since Kim Jong Il invited Bill Clinton. One wonders whether it was the correct policy because in case a meeting had taken place earlier the situation would have been different.

Trump a decisive man

Trump has shown that he is a decisive man and one must give him credit for charting a new path with North Korea. He has indicated that North Korea will be an economic powerhouse in the future. He appears to have confidence in the North Korean leader, despite many negative reports emanating about the North Korean nuclear program.

Trump takes strong decisions like on Afghanistan and troop reduction. He has helped break the ice with North Korea. One cannot deny him that credit. One is apt to agree with him when he says American hostages have come home, nuclear testing has stopped and there has not been a missile launch in more than 15 months. He went on to add that if he hadn't been elected the President of the United States, there could have been a major war in the region.

Last word

The eyes of the world are on the second Kim-Trump meeting and despite the apprehensions of many, its the best way forward.