Rajinikanth is the superstar of Tamil cinema. He is 68, but his aura in the galaxy of superstars has not dimmed, and his latest Film "Petta" which reinforced his image as a superstar has done roaring business at the box office. Some time back the king of Tamil cinema recognized after the success of "Petta" had announced that he will enter politics. He had wanted to don the mantle of a Tamil people leader like MGR and Jayalalitha. Entire Tamil Nadu was agog and in ferment at this bit of news. The Economic Times has announced that Rajinikanth in a statement has said that he will not contest the parliamentary elections and his name and symbol should not be used by any party.


It was speculated that Rajinikanth would join the BJP or the AIDMK and try and take the position occupied by the late Jayalalitha. Unfortunately, over the months, the superstar has dithered, and it appears to many that he is not fully committed to joining politics like his rival Kamala Hasan, who has announced that he will contest the parliamentary election on his own and will not be part of the DMK or AIDMK. The two Tamil parties are at loggerheads with each other, and now Kamala Hasan will try his luck as a third option. The AIDMK has entered into an alliance with the BJP and will contest 25seats leaving 15 for the BJP.

Rajinikanth and films

The withdrawal of Rajnikanth from the election fray is perhaps because he has not yet made up his mind as his films are clicking at the box office and he is signing fresh films.

He has announced that he will contest the State elections, but nothing is clear whether he will contest under his own symbol or under the aegis of one of the Tamil parties. Either way Rajinikanth by delaying his options and vacillating for many months may find it harder to make a mark in politics. It must be remembered that both MGR and Jayalalitha never vacillated and took the plunge into politics head-on.


Rajinikanth has not made his preferences clear, and all he has said is that the people should vote for a party that will form a strong government and implements schemes to solve Tamil Nadu's water crisis permanently. The water problem is acute in Tamil Nadu and the only source the river Cauvery which is also required by Karnataka as the riparian state.

Rajinikanth had announced his intention to enter politics in December 2017. He had at that time merged his fan clubs to form Rajini Makkal Mandram (Rajini People's Forum). Since then, he has dithered confusing his fans as well.

Last word

The scenario in Tamilnadu is confusing with TTV Dhinakaran-led Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) also in the fray and claiming the rightful legitimacy of Jayalalitha. Maybe Rajinikanth is watching which way the dice fall and then decide his future course of action.