You’re never too far away from an unusual story or piece of information about US President Donald Trump. The latest one, according to an American ambassador to Germany, is that he showed his bedroom to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her last visit to the White House. It was a strange way for the Trump administration to try and prove that his relationship with the German leader is fine.

Ambassador Richard Grenell said that Trump gave Merkel a “very personal” tour of the White House that included the part “where he actually lives” as a way of combatting rumours that the two leaders’ relationship has begun to sour.

This tour included the President’s living room and his bedroom, which is a little bit weird. The ambassador said, “No President has shown that to her before.” No kidding.

Trump has never shown himself to be all that close to Merkel

While Trump has never shied away from manhandling the other European leaders like holding British Prime Minister Theresa May’s hand or wiping the dandruff off French President Emmanuel Macron’s shoulders, he has never gotten that close to Merkel, which has led to rumours that the two aren’t all that friendly with one another. If his administration want people to believe that their relationship is fine, this is a strange way to show it.