Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK government have been heating up recently, as the former have taken the latter to task over the distribution of European-specialty food and drink products. That means that our feta cheese and our champagne and our cognac are in jeopardy. So, if that does happen, does that mean the UK will start making its own feta and its own champagne and its own Parma ham for distribution?

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, who used to be a trade representative for the European Union, has weighed in on the issue, and he thinks this thing is being blown out of proportion.

He doesn’t believe that the UK will be interested in producing their own versions of these products in a world where the negotiations fall through and we lose the original European versions of them. In fact, he said that the likelihood of such business interests is “simply nil.” It's not going to happen.

Lee-Makiyama says this is not a ‘straightforward’ thing

According to Lee-Makiyama, the problem with the European foods and drinks in the Brexit process is simply “a legal and technical issue,” but it is also “not straightforward.” However, he does not believe that the talks surrounding this issue are leading to something dangerous that is “thorny or a deal-breaker.” He even added that this is actually one of the issues where the EU are allowing lots of “flexibility.”