Francisco Moreno Domagoso is the Mayor of the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. He is planning on building an Islamic cemetery for the Muslim community living in the city. Manila is known to be a diverse city where different nationalities and religions live.

Success in politics

Mayor "Isko" Moreno a high school graduate with no political experience first started out as a Councilor in 1998. Many commentators and members of the public said he was just an actor and had no place in politics. Despite all the criticism, he proved them wrong and won the election.

He has served as a councilor for Manila for three terms.

He also became Manila’s Vice Mayor for Alfredo Lim and Erap Estrada for three terms each, in 2016 he ran for senator in the National Elections but was not successful.

Mayor of Manila

When he became the Mayor of Manila in March 2019, he accomplished many projects for the city. One of his accomplishments is making the Divisoria, a place where vendors sell goods on the street of Tondo Manila. He removed the illegal vendors and relocated them in a more suitable place. This means the area is now cleaner and safer for the people living in the city and for those who shop in Divisoria.

There are also various projects that the Mayor is planning to do and has been working on for months.

One of them is building an Islamic cemetery for the Muslim community living in Manila.

Islamic cemetery

Last week the Mayor welcomed the Saudi Ambassador, Dr. Abdullah Al Bussairy to the city hall. During the live stream call prior to the meeting, the Mayor stated that one of the reasons why he wanted to build an Islamic cemetery in Manila was to make the capital city a more diverse place.

There are thousands of Muslims living in the city of Manila. In Islamic culture, a person who has died should be buried the same day and having only two cemeteries is very difficult for the Muslim community to accomplish this.

The Mayor has discussed with other city officials on where to build the cemetery, he is focusing on Manila South area as this is where the majority of the Muslim community lives.

The Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Abdullah Al Bussairy personally met up with the Mayor Moreno to congratulate him on his decision to build the Islamic cemetery.

Moreno became the Mayor of the city of Manila last March 2019, and so far has carried out many projects and development for the entire city of Manila. He is being praised by the Filipino community not only in the country but internationally as well. His future plans for Manila gives hope to people living in the city and to the whole of the Philippines.