Last week, a school shooter in Santa Fe, Texas, went into a high school and opened fire, killing ten people and injuring another thirteen. Many politicians have been issuing their responses to the incident, with US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos particularly irate about it. She said that schools are supposed to feel “safe and nurturing” to their students and added that the US government “simply cannot allow this trend to continue.”

President Donald Trump sent out his thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors of the shooting pretty early, and promised that his administration are “determined” to do whatever they could “to protect our students.” He didn’t make any further mention of his theory that arming all the teachers in America would help to curtail the number of school shootings happening across the country, but he did say that everyone in the US government wants to “keep our children safe.”

Florida shooting survivors respond to Texas incident

The survivors of the deadly school shooting in Florida from back in February, who started the #NeverAgain movement and organised the landmark March For Our Lives protests across the United States, have also responded to the shooting in Santa Fe.

They urged people “not to sweep [this school shooting incident] under the rug.” They added, “This is not the price of our freedom,” and said that these shootings will continue if they are not taken seriously enough.