After months of divisive campaigns, voters in the United States will finally get an opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot. Incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic Party challenger, Joe Biden, have been at each other's throat regarding various issues facing citizens in America. Still, the most prominent topic of debate has been the nation's struggle to contain the coronavirus. According to several polls, Biden holds a significant lead over President Trump heading into November 3rd, the final day on which citizens can cast their votes.

However, in his final campaign rally ahead of the eagerly awaited Election Day, Trump hinted that he would dispute the eventual outcome if he loses.

Trump has threatened to challenge poll results immediately after Election Day

According to NBC News, while speaking at his final rally, President Trump complained about the Supreme Court's decision to allowed poll officials in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to count absentee ballots that will be received at the polling stations after Election Day. Trump argued that the decision was unfair since some states will still be counting ballots several days after the election and delay the eventual winner's declaration. The Republican President has now threatened to assemble his lawyers and challenge the poll results immediately after the night of the election.

However, Trump's critics have urged voters to ignore his threats and exercise their right to vote.

Joe Biden has urged voters to ignore the President's threats

Former United States vice president Joe Biden has urged voters to turn out in large numbers on Election Day and end the four-year "nightmare" that has terrorized the country.

Biden has expressed confidence that President Trump will lose the election, and he has insisted that his opponent will not succeed in disapproving the credibility of the results. The Democratic candidate held his final campaign rally in Pennsylvania, a key swing state that could secure his victory.

The global community is anxiously waiting to see who will be the next President of the United States.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has had a lukewarm relationship with other world leaders. He has implemented his so-called America first policies that have seen the United States pull out of several international trades and climate change agreements. While many citizens have praised Trump for overseeing a strong economy, his critics have blamed him for mismanaging the coronavirus. In his final pitch to voters, Biden claimed that Trump was a "virus" that infected the country. Removing him from office would be the first step in helping the United States overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the political rhetoric coming from both presidential candidates, the American citizens will have the final say about their country's future.