"Petta" was a shot in the arm for its makers and the star of the Film. At the end of the day, Rajinikanth's "Petta" became a super hit globally and proved he was a superstar. This was the time to strike out into politics but Rajinikanth for the moment has thrown in the towel. The Quint has reported that Rajinikanth who had announced his entry into politics has not even given a name to his party.

Rajinikanth is 68 and the biggest star in Tamil Nadu. He has an all Indian following and it was expected that Rajinikanth will electrify the masses like MGR before him.

One will recollect that MGR broke away from the DMK and formed the AIDMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) that swept Karunanidhi into a corner. He was also a charismatic film star whose affair with Jayalalitha enthralled the people.

Rajinikanth dithers

The success of Rajinikanth's "Petta" has probably something to do with the superstar's decision not to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections in May this year. He has said that he will contest the assembly elections but that also is not a certainty as Rajinikanth has dithered far too long in taking the plunge into politics which he had announced almost a year back. In the bargain, he has confused his most ardent supporters.

One cannot understand the reluctance of Rajinikanth to enter the electoral fray especially after he had announced his decision to enter politics.

The time was ripe as Jayalalitha, the darling of millions had passed away and the Tamil people were looking for a new leader.


The opportunity was taken up by Kamala Hasan but in terms of popularity, Rajinikanth is the winner. It was assumed he would don the mantle of Jayalalitha but he has been dithering and that is not the hallmark of a great political leader.

One is reminded of Shivaji Ganesan who was immensely popular but his entry into politics ended before it began.

This was during the time of MGR and Shivaji who had joined the Congress was not a match to MGR despite having a committed fan following among the Tamil people. Timesnownews.com has reported that with Rajinikanth out and a mere spectator an alliance is formed by the DMK with Congress and AIDMK with BJP

Probably Rajinikanth who announced his decision not to contest parliamentary elections is scared of this fate and for the moment he has decided not to enter the fray.

With an AIDMK- BJP alliance a reality, Rajinikanth may even become a fringe player in politics. He must understand that people appreciate a strong leader like MGR, who should have been his aspiration.


His announcement that nobody should use his name or photograph is like a dodo, having no substance. Jayalalitha who succeded MGR and became his political heir fought with tenacity and purpose and for the moment he does not seem to have that determination. Age also is not on his side as MGR became the chief minister at the age of 60 and ruled continuously for 10 years.