The deed is done and Article 370 abrogated and the state of Jammu and Kashmir divided into two union territories. The move took the Pakistan leadership by surprise and all along they had lived in the smug belief that India would maintain the status quo on Kashmir. Pakistan awoke up to the reality and belatedly launched a diplomatic offensive to corner India. This was after the opposition in a joint session of the houses of parliament in Pakistan castigated the premier Imran Khan of grave dereliction of responsibility and ignorance about Indian intentions.

The offensive has not brought the desired results.

UN reaction

The UN Security Council president Joanna Wronecka refused to comment on the Pakistan government request for a special security council meeting and mediation. Ms. Wronecka made a cryptic "no comments" on the Pakistan request. This has been reported by the Economic Times.

The UN further rejected the Pakistan request. The Secretary-General did not accede to Pakistan's request for intervention and called for a dispute resolution after bilateral negotiations as enshrined in 1972, Simla Agreement. This was signed by the then Indian PM Indira Gandhi and the Pakistan premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. TOI has reported that this was confirmed by Stephane Dujarric spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General.

The Indian decision to abrogate Article 370 has rattled Pakistan and despite a diplomatic offensive, there are no takers for the Pakistan proposal except China. Even the USA has warned Pakistan not to escalate the issue militarily and solve the problem after discussion.

Diplomatic ties

Pakistan has downgraded diplomatic ties with India and expelled the Indian ambassador.

They have also stopped bilateral trade and banned Indian films. These are however small acts and do not affect the Indian economy which is the 6th largest in the world. Despite Donald Trump's offer of mediation during the visit of the Pakistan prime minister, the USA has called for negotiations and Trump has not repeated his offer to the chagrin of Pakistan.

The fact is India is a strategic partner of the USA and with China looming over American strategic interests the USA would not like to antagonize India.

No country other than China has come out in support of Pakistan. India Today has reported that China is unhappy that Ladakh is made into a Union Territory.

Even the Afghan Taliban has slammed Pakistan for trying to equate the Afghan problem with Kashmir. This is not to the liking of the Pakistan leadership. Imran Khan more than ever looks like a lame duck and one can sense that the real power is with General Bajwa the Chief of the army. Even Muslim countries like UAE, Iran, and Indonesia have not come out in support of Pakistan eroding the credibility of Imran Khan who is looking extremely vulnerable.

Last word

On the other hand, Modi is on a firm wicket and looking sure of himself as he executes the greatest political decision in the history of India after 1947. The man who foisted Article 370 on India, Jawaharlal Nehru will be turning in his grave.