When the UK voted in favour of Brexit in a referendum, nobody visualized the pitfalls ahead. The UK had joined the EU willingly, but inherent fears of domination by Germany and free migration to the British isles stoked latent fears, and a majority voted for Britain to leave the European Union. For some reason this move was backed by Donald Trump who looked at the EU as a rival in trade and world domination on the back of America and with his policy centred on "America First" it was inevitable he would favour Brexit. The BBC has reported that this defeat of the Theresa May government is a historic defeat.

Defeat in Commons

The British decision to leave the EU has far-reaching repercussions, and the House of Commons was to give its approval to Theresa May the British PM to negotiate a withdrawal from the EU. She was in favour of a soft approach and wanted to retain many links with the EU. The motion was put to the vote and decisively defeated in the House of Commons. Almost 400+ members voted against the government with just about 200 supporting Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the opposition immediately tabled a motion of no-confidence against the Conservative government. CBC News has reported that after the vote Theresa May will now face a no-confidence motion.

Next step?

Theresa May has lost the confidence of the house, but she is right that though there is a negative vote, nobody has specified what step should be taken next.

There is thus a feeling of uncertainty all around, and Mr Corbyn wants another general election. How this will solve the problem of Brexit is not specified.

Theresa May had been expecting a defeat, but the magnitude of the voting against her handling of negotiations with the EU is a surprise. It is not clear what the members of Parliament want.

Do they want a hard Brexit [VIDEO] ( which may not be all that bad), or a soft Brexit or no Brexit? Some even want Brexit to be cancelled and Britain to remain in the EU. Some want another referendum.

Historical reasons

The entire atmosphere in the UK is charged with emotion, and there is no doubt that one of the reasons that triggered Brexit is that Britain a great imperial power at one time would be dwarfed by Germany and the British would lose their identity.

There is no doubt Germany is the powerhouse of the EU and Trump also is wary of this. One can safely say that what Hitler desired, complete domination of Europe is achieved by Germany now without firing a shot. In this light, it was inevitable that the English would leave the EU regardless of what happens.


I don't think Brexit can be reversed, but the Britsh will have to realize that Brexit is a double edge sword and many will have a question like Hamlet "to be, or not to be."