Kim Jong-un’s regime in North Korea has promised to shut down a nuclear test site in a huge leap forward in the international crisis that has revolved around their nukes in the past couple of years. In honour of the new move, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that if denuclearisation goes ahead, the American government might start letting private companies invest in business interests in North Korea. But he may be getting ahead of himself.

It’s on the condition that the North Korean regime fully denuclearises

In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo did clarify that he only meant this on the condition that Kim’s regime fully denuclearises.

They can’t keep a few nukes just in case and still take American money to build their energy industry. The offer of US investments is only on the table if every nuclear arm in North Korea has been disposed of. The Secretary of State is proposing such investments because he has seen that the North is in dire need of “enormous amounts of electricity.”

Plus, North Korean people are unhealthy due to a dearth of food, so the Secretary of State has also proposed an agriculture investment to right that wrong. Pompeo’s comments are coming in the wake of his visit to the North Korean capital, and home of Kim’s regime, Pyongyang last week and just ahead of the much-anticipating meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kim himself in Singapore, which is falling into place.