Manchester Arena terrorist attack: 22 dead (including children), 59 injured
Police report that a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosives device at Ariana Grande concert
Ben Sherlock
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Theresa May, Oops! Did we really mean to do that?

Mrs May and the Conservative Party make their first really big mistake
So, Theresa May has made her first big mistake, in what is turning out to be a rather staid election campaign. The Tory Manifesto escaped on Thursday, and it was not good for the party and as recent polls would suggest Labour has gained from the mistakes contained therein with the wide gap closed between the two of them. Now standing at 35%, while the Tories are still 9% ahead on 45%. It would seem though that Jeremy Corbyn's distinctively socialist agenda has seen him and his party in its best poll position since before the 2015 election. Hitting Young and Old alike May plans to means-test the Winter fuel allowance and to wait until death for any care costs to be recouped for those with assets of 100K, and her vow to radically reform the care sector - a provision ignored by so many governments until now, and a ticking time-bomb awaiting everyone over 50 - has gone down very badly with the core conservative vote; the elderly. She also took a pop at the other end of the spectrum, those...