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A 24-carat win for the Liberal Democrats and Sarah Olney

Whilst the fool's Gold(smith) was ousted after his disastrous London Mayoral campaign proved him as the fake he always has been.
Zac Goldsmith hasn’t had a particularly great year, once heralded as a future leader who could unite the party. A Conservative that occupied the middle ground of party policy, someone who was largely known as being a more liberal-minded Conservative. His year started off with so much promise and was chosen to lead the Tory bid to replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor, unfortunately, that was the first stage of failure for Goldsmith in 2016. In the meantime, and the midst of his latest downfall has seen a possible spark for the second half of the coalition that graced Downing Street in 2010-15. The Liberal Democrats under Tim Farron have seen a mini-resurgence, but is this the moment that ignites rebirth of the Lib Dems? Fool’s Gold(smith) Zac Goldsmith had much support from every wing of the Conservative party and was a prominent Leave campaigner during the referendum. He was the overwhelming popular choice to lead the Tories during the London Mayoral election. However, he let...