Britain may have to STAY in the EU until 2022
European leaders warn Britain that Brexit could take longer than expected
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Sean Spicer finally loses it at the press: ‘Stop shaking your head’

The Press Secretary snapped as he fielded jibes and remarks from April Ryan at today’s briefing
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who finds himself defending President Donald Trump’s asinine actions on a daily basis, has finally reached his breaking point. Today, he finally kicked off at a reporter, and even better, it was a black woman. Facing the brunt of his outburst was April Ryan, the Washington DC bureau chief on behalf of American Urban Radio Networks. “You don’t seem so happy,” said Ryan, teasing Spicer. Turns out he doesn’t respond well to teasing. She was asking a simple question During Tuesday’s press briefing, Ryan simply asked Spicer if the Trump administration was looking to “revamp its image” amid the Russia investigations, the falsely-accused Obama wiretapping scandal, and all the rest. Spicer replied instantly, “No, we don’t have that.” Then he got all on the defensive for Trump yet again, telling Ryan, “I get it,” before launching into an intense rant about the whole Russia thing. He said that ever since he arrived in office,...
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