Macron u-turns on plea to threaten Brexit Britain
In an apparent change of tune since his election campaign, the French President wants to work with Britain.
Matt Snape
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Brexit may not happen, claims Lord Heseltine

The former deputy prime minister is not optimistic Brexit will happen.
Lord Heseltine has announced a shocking statement that Britain may not leave the European Union, despite Brexit negotiations starting this week. The former deputy prime minister said on BBC's Newsnight that the first day of difficult negotiations signified concerns that leaving the EU is proving to be an impossible task. He was pressed as to whether he believes Brexit is dead, to which he replied: 'Yes.' 'Britain's vision of independence belongs in the past.' He added that Britain's vision of independence belongs in the past. The Europhile Conservative said he was not sure quitting the EU will become a reality after Brexit Secretary David Davis lost the first round of negotiations on Monday. The former deputy prime minister attacked the Government's vision of Brexit, claiming there is no majority for a 'hard' EU exit in Parliament or the Cabinet. He added leaving is going to be costly, as shown by the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, demanding the UK pays Brussels a divorce bill...