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Labour lose Copeland to the Conservatives, but hold Stoke in the 2 by-elections.

With an anti Corbyn Labour MP running for Stoke, the media would have crucified Jeremy Corbyn either way.....
Good and bad news for Labour in the 2 contested by-elections This morning Labour supporters awoke to the news that Labour had held Stoke in the by-election, a safe Labour seat, despite the worry that due to the continued media onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn, including direct attacks by the former leader Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, that Labour may have been in danger of losing the seat to UKIP's leader, Paul Nuttall. Labour supporters also awoke to the news that after 80 years of being a Labour seat, Copeland had been lost to the Conservative Party. Much had been made of how Copeland was a marginal seat, in other words, that despite Labour holding the seat for 80 years, it had always been held on a knife edge in terms of the vote. Today the Guardian and other news sources, after calling Copeland a marginal seat, are now saying that it is a safe seat, which of course has never been the truth. Continued Media Bias against Jeremy Corbyn The London School of Economics (the LSE) issued...
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