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Ivanka Majic finds more fame than she needs after Trump tweets wrong person

Trump loves Twitter but hey mistakes happen - is that OK at presidential level?
Ivanka Majic once posted on Twitter that she had found fame at last, but she has now found more fame than she needs after Donald Trump tweeted the wrong person. As everyone knows Trump loves Twitter and the fact that he is accessible on social media might have swung him a few voters in the presidential campaign. We can call his mistake just something that happens, but is that OK at presidential level? Ivanka Majic shares a first name with Ivanka Trump Ivanka Majic shares the same first name as Ivanka Trump, but there the similarities end. In her life, it is doubtful that this particular Ivanka ever expected to get a tweet from the president-elect of the United States of America, as the Guardian says she is "believed to be employed as a researcher at the Brighton and Hove City Council." This Ivanka was not looking at lofty mainstream media on her doorstep, but that could happen - a far cry from a recent tweet she posted. Trump's tweet to the wrong user did not originate with him It...
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