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Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination was rigged, evidence suggests

It sounds like something Trump would say, but evidence points to Hillary illegitimately beating Bernie to the nomination
Democrats are unhappy about Donald Trump’s victory, to say the least. They find comfort in evidence that Russia rigged the election and Hillary Clinton should’ve won, but there is also blatant evidence that Clinton rigged the primaries in her favour in order to secure the nomination over the arguably more popular Bernie Sanders, meaning that her name shouldn’t have even been on the ballot in the first place. Hillary’s team rigged the Democratic primary WikiLeaks revealed that Democratic Party leaders secretly preferred Clinton, and they ignored the primary votes, which would’ve made it fair, and instead nominated her before it even took place. Sanders didn’t stand a chance. The voting process was all for show so that Sanders supporters would accept Hillary as their nominee. Sanders isn’t innocent, however, since he knew about all this and played along with it, probably because they were giving him a hefty payout. When Hillary’s leaked emails came out, the Democrats...
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