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Pakistan terror attack: 133 killed in twin blasts in rallies ahead of July 25 polls

A massive suicide bombing in Baluchistan and earlier in NW Frontier has brought home to Pakistan that extremism is very much alive.
The general election fever has gripped Pakistan. Just before the voting one of the biggest coups was carried out by opponents of Nawaz Sharif. The aim was to sideline him from the election due on July 26. This was important news but four suicide attacks with heavy casualties have brought home to Pakistan that corruption of Sharif is not the only issue but a bigger issue is controlling the extremist groups. Global security has reported that over 133 people have been killed in suicide bombing attacks and in the latest carnage in Balochistan, the local leader of the Awami party standing for Baluchistan assembly, Siraj Raisani was killed. Terror attack BBC has quoted local officials who say the attacker detonated a bomb inside in a crowded compound where the campaign rally was being held. All this is disconcerting news. Add to this the arrest of Nawaz Sharif the former Prime minister of Pakistan on charges of corruption show that Pakistan is on the edge of great trouble. Pakistan was a...