The US indict 13 Russians, accusing them of interfering with US politics
Russia influence over the 2016 general election is all but confirmed after Robert Mueller released a 37-page indictment
Matthew Clifton
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Oxfam! The Red Cross! Christian Aid! So, exactly who is your money helping?

With a culture of nepotism, self-interest and greed, surprised? Face it, it has always gone on!
It has not been the best few days for the giving society. Three of the UK's largest charities are embroiled in a surfacing scandal, that will no doubt gather momentum over the coming weeks. The Red Cross, Christian Aid, and most glaringly Oxfam, have been caught in the headlights of scandal! Charities. Most have two main ways of raising revenue; if they are large enough they can gather millions from the Government - gleaned from your taxes of course, - or from appeal, whether it be from online/tv/radio/street collections, or the lucrative shops that replaced our idea of what the High-Street should be. Charities have been a cultural staple for centuries, most carrying out their remit to help that less fortunate than others, no matter colour, religion or creed. Sadly there is a black and very dark underbelly to some charities, being almost like secret societies, where least said, soonest mended. It also appears that double standards abound, as one of the heads of UNICEF has been arrested...