French President, Emmanuel Macron, believes Donald Trump will scrap Iran deal
After a state visit to the US, the French President believes that Donald Trump will scrap the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed in 2015
Matthew Clifton
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When the UK, US and France began their Syria operations

2011 was when the west began their operation to overthrow Assad, this is briefly how it happened
THE UK propaganda machine has been churning anti-Syria stories out for the last couple of weeks. This is to further propagate the idea that Bashar al-Assad is an ‘evil dictator’ that needs to be overthrown. The latest was the claimed chemical attack in Douma, which subsequently saw a US/UK/French coalition jump the gun and bomb sites that they claimed to be chemical weapons facilities. However, it has been claimed that the OPCW, who went in the day after the bombing campaign, found no evidence of the use of chemical weapons within the region. So, why are the west adamant that Assad needs to be overthrown? UK covert operations in Syria There is a geopolitical battle at stage and Syria are in the centre of it and the UK have been actively trying to overthrow the Assad regime with the US since before the 2011 civil war outbreak. But focusing on the 2011 outbreak of war, it is well known that the UK and US helped fund and train the Free Syrian Army, but the US also approved the...