Iran wants to start implementing the idea of sustainable living in the country by creating more eco-friendly ways of commuting. Bdood is a startup bike company that was recently launched in the country, but they have already been caught in a controversial situation by not allowing Women in Iran to register for their services. According to the Independent report.


Bdood is an online bike application which allows the people in the country to rent out their bikes and use it as a means of transportation.

Last year during a press conference held by the Pak Charkh Iranian Company, Hossein Qasemi the head of board directors explained the facilities of the bikes and how people can use the application.

Qasemi explained that the bikes have two GPS devices built-in, so they can keep track of where the bike is at all times. They are also equipped with puncture-resistant tires and disc brakes. People between the ages of 16 to 75 years old can rent their bikes and all of the riders will be provided with insurances.

According to the report released by the, when people across the country download their application they will be to see an option to locate the nearest bike to them. They also have the QR code system on their bikes in which you will need to scan it for the bike to be unlocked.

Women banned from using the application

Bdood has been facing issues with the police and prosecutor general’s to stop offering their services to women or their company will be forced to shut down.

A tweet from The Centre for Human Rights in Iran, said: “The Tehran prosecutor has forced Iran bike-sharing company Bdood to block women from using their bikes.”

Iran is a country that follows the Sharia law, while there are no written laws that forbid women from riding bicycles in public, there are Muslim clerics in the country that have stated their concern that it may be 'provocative' to see women bike in the streets.

Ali Esfahani argued that it was ‘haram’ and also stated that it was prohibited allowed in Islam, and also ordered the police to issue warnings to the women who are riding bicycles in the country and seize their ID cards.

Women rights in Iran

The women in the country have struggled with women’s rights for so many years until now women don’t have as much women’s rights as the other countries do.

One of the major issues that women continue to face in the country is the implementation of wearing the 'hijab' in public. It is compulsory for women walking around in the streets to wear one, and if they are seen without wearing the 'hijab' severe punishments may be implemented or imprisonment. Human rights organization estimated that 39 women were arrested last year in connection with anti-hijab protests.

The women in Iran have started to fight for more right in the country, the new generation of Iranian women want to see changes done in their country in regards to their rights as citizens.