Mohammed El-Gheiti, an anchor on the LTC TV channel which is privately owned was found guilty of promoting debauchery and insulting religion over interviewing a gay man last year. Homosexuality is considered illegal in all Muslim countries. It is not a crime but is taken as taboo mostly in Muslim countries. Of all the Middle East countries and Asia, Israel is the most tolerant country of homosexuality.

About the interview

The interview was conducted in August 2018 when Gheiti hosted a homosexual man on his talk show on one of the private satellite channels of LTC TV.

During the interview, the gay man, whose identity was hidden, shared about his life as a prostitute. He said he was a prostitute and talked openly about his relationship with another man.

According to a story by the Telegraph, Gheiti had previously expressed his opposition toward homosexuality. The interviewee was disguised and also spoke about how he regretted being a prostitute. The guest said he was happy to share his experience so that young Egyptians would not repeat his mistake anymore. The sentence was given by the Egyptian court. Homosexuality is not outlawed in Egypt but LGBT is often persecuted under an anti-prostitution law.

Charges against Gheiti by the court

Mohammed El-Gheiti who had expressed his opposition and stance against homosexuality was found guilty of encouraging immorality and accused of promoting debauchery and insulting religion.

Gheiti was fined 3,000 Egyptian pounds (129.81 pounds sterling) and also sentenced under hard labor in prison for one year by the misdemeanour court in Giza. The verdict can be suspended if Gheiti pays bail of 1,000 Egyptian pounds (43 pounds sterling). The case was brought over by the lawyer Samir Sabri who has filed numerous lawsuits of a similar nature.

Samir Sabi, in November last year, launched a case against an Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef. They were charged with immorality and promoting vice. Later, the case was dropped after the actress apologized. The hosting channel of LTC TV was later suspended for two weeks by Egypt's supreme council for media regulation, ABC News reported.

The legalisation of homosexuality under the sexual offence act 1967

This act was introduced in order to amend the law of England and Wales relating to homosexuality. It is an act of parliament in the united kingdom. This act decriminalized the homosexual act in private between two men. In 2017 over 70 people were arrested after an LGBT flag was waved at a concert in Cairo.