Botswana, bordering the west of South Africa, is a popular wildlife safari destination. However, unfortunate headlines emerged this weekend after an allegedly suicidal Kalahari Air Services pilot apparently deliberately crashed a plane into a club function. The only life lost in the incident was that of the pilot, thanks to quick-thinking people attending a baby shower. Apparently, the pilot was not invited to the function but attended it anyway. Some witnesses suggest he got into a dispute with his wife before the crash incident.

The pilot crash incident happened at Matsieng Flying Club

According to The Patriot on Sunday on Facebook, the incident took place at the Matsieng Flying Club. The club issued a statement saying that the pilot attended a function as an uninvited guest. Allegedly, there was some dispute with his wife before he left. However, "At 18:15 on Saturday 23 March, the aircraft approached Matsieng Aerodrome from the direction of Sir Seretse Khama Airport," IOL News reported.

Apparently, he took a Beechcraft Kingair B200 aircraft A2-MBM without permission and flew it to the Matsieng airport. There, he buzzed the Flying Club from several different directions, flying dangerously low. Sensing that all was not well, the organizers of the function quickly evacuated the fifty-odd attendees.

Just in time too, as on the final pass, he crashed into the facility and set off a ball of fire. The fire consumed about 13 vehicles and destroyed the control tower.

Suicidal pilot allegation investigated

While it cannot be proven at this time that the pilot was suicidal, in time, the results of the crash investigation should confirm it.

However, there were some conflicting witness reports. The Citizen reported, "Chris Briers of Matsieng Botswana alleged that the Kalahari Air Services pilot committed suicide in this spectacular fashion, as he was at a party, and allegedly got drunk and into a fight with his wife. He was then asked to leave." However, other witnesses denied there was an altercation with his wife.

In any event, another source suggests he called someone at the party, asking where his wife was. This prompted the evacuation of the scene as they suspected he was not in his right mind. The pilot and his wife lived in Botswana for 10 years. Named as Charl Viljoen, the pilot who sadly died as a result of the crash came from the Northern Cape in South Africa.

On the Patriot on Sunday's Facebook account, many people commented on the fact that he was able to take a plane without permission. Others commended the flying club for the actions they took. Others said they would pray for the soul of the allegedly suicidal pilot in Botswana.