A woman arrived at Fallen Feathers bird rescue in Peoria, Arizona recently with a pigeon in a box, covered by a towel. When Jody Kieran opened the box, she found a pigeon wearing a dazzling rhinestone vest or flight suit. She wanted to know if the pigeon was Liberace or the “Rhinestone Cowboy” of country music fame.

Kieran headed to Facebook in an effort to find the pigeon’s owner, as it was obviously tame and happy to hang out with humans. The social media post soon went viral, with hundreds of people commenting on the image, worried about the pigeon or amazed by his fancy attire.

As reported by AZ Central, one Facebook user shared it on her Reddit account in the hope of finding the bird’s owner.

Looking for a friendly pigeon’s owner

The pigeon was found on a woman’s patio in Glendale, Arizona, where it was trying to get through her door. She was worried the bird might get eaten, so she caught it, taking it to Fallen Feathers.

Fox 10 reports that Kieran is not sure if the bird is male or female, but the pigeon is definitely someone’s pet, and apparently not just because of the fancy rhinestone clothing.

She told them a wild bird naturally tries to escape, but this pigeon likes to hang around on your shoulder. Kieran said the bird is not trying to escape so it’s definitely used to living in someone’s home. She also added that after 20 years working to rehabilitate pigeons she had never before seen one in such a fancy outfit.

Pigeon enjoys watching westerns

Interestingly enough, the pigeon also enjoys watching TV and Kieran said it is particularly fond of westerns. At this point, she asked if he was maybe the “Rhinestone Cowboy” of country music fame.

She went on to say that pigeons are great as house pets and they can’t hurt or bite anyone. Kieran said they are mostly tame and actually quite smart. She also noted how useful the rhinestone vest was, as it catches the bird’s droppings when it is inside the home. The vest even has a label, so the bird’s owner must have bought it for him.

This is why she posted a photo on Facebook, along with the rhinestone vest, hoping that the pigeon’s owner would spot it and retrieve their lost pet.

Kieran said if its owner doesn’t claim the pigeon, they do have other options, like trying to get the bird to join a pigeon flock. However, she feels he’s “probably missed the boat” on that option as he is so tame. Kieran added that if she can’t find a new home for the pigeon, she might have to get some matching rhinestone outfits.