The weather on the Costa del Sol in Spain has been unseasonably warm in recent days and is being termed a winter heat wave. However, it is unsure why a nine-year-old girl gained access to a public swimming pool at the Club La Costa World resort on December 24.

The owners of the resort have confirmed the death of the three family members. While other reports are as yet unconfirmed, it is believed it was a British father and his two children that drowned in the incident.

Club La Costa World offers heartfelt condolences

As reported by the BBC, the resort’s management issued a report on Tuesday to the effect that they offer their heartfelt condolences to the family, who are affected by the tragic loss of three of their members on Christmas Eve.

Management’s statement continued by stating that the three guests were discovered in one of the pools at the resort and were said to be unresponsive as help reached the pool. First response teams were called and paramedics came to the scene to administer first aid, but without any response.

Resort cooperating with authorities over the incident

Club La Costa World’s statement said the resort’s staff is cooperating fully with the authorities over the investigation into the three tragic deaths. The statement continued by thanking the emergency services and first response team for their prompt response to the scene and to their staff for giving the family continuing support during this difficult time.

The mother raised the alarm

The incident happened at around 1.30 PM local time on Tuesday. The Daily Mirror reports that the nine-year-old daughter had reportedly got into difficulties in the swimming pool, after which the father, 52, and brother, 16, went to her aid. The mother immediately raised the alarm. The victims’ names have so far not been released.

According to the report by the Mirror, police divers later inspected the swimming pool, including the pump, as unconfirmed reports state this may have been involved in the death of the young girl.

While the investigation is still ongoing, it is unsure exactly what happened, but according to inside sources, Spanish Civil Guard divers were sent to the resort and one thing they were concentrating on was the pool pump.

Other sources at the resort stated the father and the young girl were British, but the teenage boy was reportedly traveling on an American passport.

The Guardian has requested comment from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but they have as yet not responded.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Atmosphere was 'indescribable'

Tanya Aamer, 23, another British guest at the resort, told the media she had seen the three covered bodies lying at the pool.

She said the atmosphere as she walked past was “indescribable.” She added that they had never been in this kind of situation before, so they walked slowly by, feeling confused at what they were seeing.

Club La Costa World overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is just off the coastal highway on the Costa del Sol, around 20 miles from Malaga city and two miles from the popular resort town of Fuengirola. The resort is a popular destination for British vacationers, as is the whole coastline.