According to the New York Post, it happened on Wednesday night in the centre of Los Angeles, California. Many residents spotted what looked like a fireball in the sky, heading down into the downtown area of the city. Images and video footage filled Twitter feeds soon after it happened.

Twitter users showed their concern, as only Twitter users can do, with many believing an alien invasion was ongoing, a meteor falling on the city or maybe a superhero in flight. Others suggested it might be an asteroid, even though the fiery object changed direction and leveled off close to the ground.

Twitter user @dennishegstad asked what the “flying item” was that was on fire in the air above Downtown Los Angeles. Another Twitter user asked if anyone else had seen the meteor over LA, saying it was “Incredible. Coolest thing I’ve seen.”

Los Angeles police release public service announcement

Soon after the incident happened and Twitter became alive on the subject, the Los Angeles Police Department also went into action in an attempt to reassure concerned residents. They posted a public service announcement tweet saying it wasn’t a meteor crashing into Downtown Los Angeles and no, it definitely wasn’t an alien invasion.

The tweet ended by saying it was merely a Film shoot and that it was Tinseltown after all.

Rather amusingly, the LAPD used a video in their post, which they apparently shouldn't have done and it was disabled due to a copyright issue.


As reported by the Independent, a Twitter user also reportedly posted a video in an attempt to clear up the strange mystery. It showed footage of two wingsuit flyers trailing sparks behind them in the air.

Red Bull ‘Air Force’ team

Later on Red Bull confirmed they were the ones responsible for the “fireball,” saying it was a stunt launched by them to mark the final supermoon of the year, which is reportedly called the Full Worm Moon, as Native Americans observe that worms start to appear when the ground starts to thaw and spring begins.

After a helicopter was sent up, Red Bull’s “Air Force” team then jumped out at 4,000 ft, gliding downwards to the city as 120 mph while trailing flares.

This has happened before in LA

Judging from a Twitter search, this isn’t the first time a “fireball” has been seen in the skies above Los Angeles. On 23 February 2013, Greg Grunberg tweeted that a fireball seen in Los Angeles was to advertise his SyFy film “End of the World” which was airing the next day.

Josh Bavas posted a video on 15 June 2016 of a “huge fireball” ripping through an industrial park in the city.

On 24 July 2016, Twitter user Bajagirl tweeted to say “Damn the fireball in the sky over Los Angeles,” adding that it was pretty ominous.

Basically, if you live near Hollywood, expect Hollywood stunts in the skies over your head!