Mother nature can be very dangerous once it goes wild. There can be no preventive measure when the mother nature strikes. The only thing to be done is to take up steps before it strikes and not to disturb their natural balance. An Earthquake measuring 6.7 magnitudes which strikes Chile on Saturday is one of the worst disasters caused by the mother nature. Chile is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Causes of the earthquake

Earthquake is the shaking of the earth surface, due to the release of energy in the Earth Lithosphere that creates a seismic wave.

Tsunami, the later outcome of Earthquake, occur when the epicenter of the Earthquake is located offshore. Tsunami mainly occurs in the oceanic area, where ocean or water bodies surround most of the area.

Chile is located between the Andes to the East and the Pacific ocean to the west. Also, since Chile, is located at the so-called the Pacific Ring of Fire there is a very high chance of occurring an earthquake anytime. The Pacific Ring of Fire is located in the basin of the Pacific ocean and many Earthquake, and Volcanic eruption occurs at this place. It is the most prone Earthquake and volcanic eruption area.

Casualties and destruction caused by the Quake

The Quake which reaches up to the magnitude 6.7 cause some minor damage to the building, properties, and also causes loss of life.

According to the US Geological Survey, the Quake occurs on Saturday, 19 January, at around 10.32 pm local time about 15.6 km south-southwest of Coquimbo.

The Quake occurs 53 km below the earth surface. It produces a relatively shallow tremor which worries for a possible Tsunami. The tremor was even felt at the country Capital Santiago.

However, The Pacific Tsunami warning center discarded the Tsunami warning threat.

Chile National Emergency service reported two casualties. An elderly man and a woman suffered a heart attack due to the tremor at Coquimbo. Several landslides were also reported. The tremor also rattled the building in the capital city of Santiago but left with minor damage.

There was also power outrage in the nearby coastal town of La Serena a beach town about 400 kilometers North of Santiago.

Pass earthquake in Chile

Since Chile is located at the Pacific ring of fire numerous Earthquake, have been recorded. The 2010 Chile Earthquake reached a magnitude of 8.8 which occurred at central Chile causing many casualties and loss of properties triggering a Tsunami.

The 1960 Valdivia Earthquake also called the Great Chilean Earthquake was the strongest Earthquake with magnitude recorded up to 9.5. The Coquimbo region had once experienced a Tsunami in September 2015 after an Earthquake measuring up to 8.5 magnitudes struck the coastal region causing a dozen casualties and damage to the properties.