Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer was asked to quit his post after he sent out a mass email describing his killing of numerous African animals in Namibia, attaching photos of himself grinning with the carcasses of the dead animals.

Governor C.L. Otter said in a statement on Monday that Fischer had been asked to resign over the incident and that the commissioner had complied following the scandal. In his resignation letter, Bischer admitted that he had made "poor judgments" in killing the animals.

Fish and Game Commissioner brags of animal killings

The New York Times reports that the hunting done by Blake Fischer was legal in Namibia. However. Otter said they have “high expectations and standards” for all appointees in state government. He said each member of his administration should exercise good judgment, but Fischer failed to do so.

Fischer apologized for his “poor judgment” in his letter of resignation, saying he had not displayed an “appropriate level of sportsmanship” and had lacked respect for the animals he “harvested.” He said he fully accepts responsibility for his actions and feels it best to resign his post.

The Idaho Statesman reports that the email with the offending photos of dead animals was sent to over 100 people on 17 September, but the story only surfaced on Friday. The New York Times went on to obtain copies of the email and photos via a public records request.

Fischer describes Namibian trip in email

In the offending email uncovered by the Idaho Statesman, Fischer described the trip he had taken with his wife Beth to Namibia.

Reportedly this was her first visit to Africa. He said on the first day of the trip his wife wanted to watch him to “get a feel” of the country. Fischer said he went on to kill an entire family of baboons, which he said gave his wife the idea very quickly. A photo of Fischer, smiling next to the family of baboons, which appeared to include a dead baby, was attached to the email.

Fischer also attached images of his wife standing next to a dead oryx, antelope and waterbuck. He also attached a photo of a giraffe and leopard he had shot. Speaking of the leopard, he said it was “super cool” and “super lucky” to have been able to kill one of Africa’s famed Big 5.

Commissioner’s responsibility for fish and game

The Times reports that Fischer was one of seven Idaho commission members whose responsibility was to administer fish and game policy in Idaho.

Within weeks of Fischer’s email being sent, Fred Trevey, a former Fish and Game Commissioner in Idaho, replied, calling on him to immediately resign. Trevey went on to accuse Fischer of violating the act of responsible hunting, saying he finds it difficult to understand how Fischer could view his actions as being “sportsmanlike.” He wrote that while the hunt was legal, it doesn’t make it right.

Trophy hunting season in Namibia reportedly runs from February through to the end of November and all hunters must have permits, including a special permit for big cats. Hunting for trophies is also only allowed on properties where the landowner has granted permission.