Pantene has many famous faces behind its product advertising, including Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, Eva Mendez and Priyanka Chopra. However, now the famous face of 2019 for the shampoo giant is a one-year-old baby named Chanco.

As reported by Elle magazine, Pantene Japan has hired Baby Chanco to star in their latest advert, which will be seen countrywide and the reason for her success is the one-year-old’s thick, lovely locks. Chanco even has her own Instagram page, which is reportedly where she was spotted.

Baby Chanco the face of Pantene

As reported by The Drum, it was People, the US magazine, who first featured Chanco in an article where they captioned an image to say she should have a Pantene ad.

The Pantone marketing team agreed that this was a great idea.

Chanco currently has more than 332k Instagram followers due to her luxurious hair and cute looks. On Instagram, the baby features many different hairdos, including updos, a side-swept fringe, a look reminiscent of Carrie Fisher in the “Star Wars” movies, or just her signature fuzzy hair look.

The Evening Standard reports that Chanco’s mother gets the full look by laying her on the bed and using a hairdryer to blow her hair upwards. Most babies wouldn’t be at all impressed at the sound of a hairdryer, but apparently, Chanco has no problem at all and seems to enjoy her look as much as anyone else does.

Grey-haired Pantene Ambassador

The Drum notes that Baby Chanco is not alone in Pantene’s #HairWeGo campaign, as they have also hired a grey-haired lady to star.

Sato Kondo, a TV announcer, who has received admiration from Pantene for her natural, uncoloured grey hair, while baby Chanco found fame for her thick, long hair, so unusual for a child of her tender young age.

Chanco and Sato featured in a print newspaper ad this week in Japan, while Pantene also produced a film that celebrates the baby’s first birthday and telling her message, which is to be your true self, right from day one.

The face and hair of Pantene

Elle quotes Ooshiaki Okura, associate brand director for P&G Japan Hair Care as saying the baby’s beautiful thick hair had a strong power to make people move forward positively. But it was also Chanco’s special character and personality that drew her to represent the image they wish to support.

That report did ask an excellent question, however, as to whether Pantene products are safe to use on babies and what Chanco’s mother, Mami Kano, had been feeding the baby to get such lovely thick hair.